Shipping from Canada to US - best courier to use

  1. I like to know which is the safest and least expensive courier to ship from Canada to US. Canada Post do not have the signature confirmation feature so thats out of the question. Thank you.
  2. Easy. Either United Parcel Service, which offers tracking number and signature confirmation, or DHL which offers same. United Parcel Service is probably cheaper.
  3. Be careful with UPS. They charge usurious brokerage fees. I don't know about DHL. I have shipped all my U.S. deliveries using Canada Post. They do not offer signature confirmation to U.S. deliveries but they do provide tracking, delivery confirmation and insurance. I have never had any problems with Canada Post - USPS deliveries.
  4. Since it is a transaction over 250.00, I don't think I would have paypal seller protection if I don't have signature confirmation. I agree Canada Post is usually the best method.
  5. I always use Canada Post Xpresspost and have never had an issue. It is quick, trackable and economical.
  6. XpressPost is the best shipping from Canada to the US.
  7. The thing with Xpresspost is that there is no signature confirmation of delivery. This particular transaction is over 250.00, don't I need signature inorder to get seller protection from eBay.
  8. Is tracking with delivery confirmation not enough for eBay/Paypal?
  9. For any amount over 250.00, you must have signature confirmation inorder to get the seller protection.
  10. I think but am NOT CERTAIN that you can get sig conf thru Canada Post by choosing "Priority Worldwide". It is expensive.
  11. I don't know which carrier would be cheaper for your particular situation, but you might want to check out a company by the name of rate2ship. They list some of the major carriers and shows you a price for each. Then you can chose which one is cheaper.
  12. It is $750, not $250.
    The signature requirement changed from $250 to $750 more then a year ago.

  13. This post is from 2008
  14. LOL. I never noticed it. Well, I was not the one that resurrected the old thread.