Shipping from Asia to US, have you paid customs?

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  1. Hi all-

    I am interested in a Let-Trade item and have a general question. If the item is less than $1000 has anyone paid customs on it as it enters the U.S.?

    I don't want an item that is undervalued, just wanting to get an idea of what customs would be.

  2. I didn't have to pay any fees on mine...I ordered their yellow Inclusion ring last year and I think the price was $200-ish, maybe a little less.
  3. I bought a Balenciaga from them and I didn't pay any Costums Fee. I've also bought from lvgodiva, lvauthentic, authentic_lvday and I never had to pay any fees.
  4. I have ordered a few things from Asian sellers, and have never had to pay any customs fees.
  5. I've bough things from Let-Trade before and didn't have to pay costoms. I've also gotten a ton of things from Japan over the years and never paid customs on any of that stuff either.
  6. Thanks everyone!!!!!
  7. Haven't paid for customs either.
  8. I've never paid customs fees on anything shipped via express mail but I did have to pay customs on an item shipped with fedex once. I'm still not entirely sure if I was paying actual US customs fees or if I was paying fedex a fee for taking it upon themselves to open and inspect my package. It was only $12.43 it was 2 pairs of jeans and their value was only $180.