Shipping from an LV store???

  1. Ok so I have heard people on here say they got items from other locations other than their home LV store. How did you do it? Cuz I live in CA and Hawaii won't ship to me unless I have shopped in their location before but then I have people telling me that it doesn't matter. I am totally confuzzled and would like to know what the deal is.

    Do I have to be in an actual store to show them my credit card or can I do phone orders or what??
  2. Hawaii is the only exception.

    You can do a charge send from any store in the US (besides Hawaii) and have it sent to you. You just give them your info over the phone.
  3. ^yup what she said.
  4. :yes: :yes:
  5. can you do it in the uk?
  6. ok so I called around to find out the 411 on this.

    You can ship from any state in the continguous 48 states (not including HI, AK - not even sure if there's even one there) over the phone. If it doesn't work out, you can return it for a full refund w/in 14 days of receiving the shipment.

    IF it's sent from a LV inside a Macys, you can only return to a Macys w/ an LV inside it or you can ship it back to the sending store for your full refund.

    If it's sent from a LV inside a Saks, has to be returned to a Saks w/LV. YOu get a full refund at Saks or a store credit from an LV store. Return time is 60 days.

    Not sure about Neimans but prob the same.

    There are no Macys in California which carry LV anymore!! :crybaby:

    However, Saks & Neimans in Bev Hills do!
  7. San Francisco: Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales also have LV counters.
  8. I know someone who bought an LV in a NM store and then was able to return it to LV in a Saks store but for store credit only.