Shipping Fees

  1. Wouldn't you think that all of these companies that sell high end bags would give their customers free shipping? I think it's ridiculous that you can spend $1000 on a bag and have to pay for the shipping! I actually refuse to buy from some sites because they don't have free shipping and they charge you tax on top of it! (Neimans, Saks, Bergdorf etc.) They are such huge conglomerates that you'd think they could match the smaller companies that don't charge you...I mean's about $10 to ship a handbag. :wtf:
    Just a thought. What do you think?
  2. Hahaha, good point. They probably think if you can afford to spend $1000 on a bag, you wont mind paying $10 extra...or $30 extra to get it the next day.
  3. Precisely. It's a business decision on their part. The shipping fee is not going to make or break someone's decision to buy a high-end purse. So why not have the customer pay (asks the CFO)? In fact, I'd be willing to guess that a good percentage of those who purchase high-end bags upgrade their shipping.
  4. Neiman's is just ridiculous with shipping. Last time I ordered from them, they charged me way too much for shipping, then I didn't get my bag for weeks. Never again. It's so much better to just go to the store.
  5. ITA! I always try to hold out till they offer free shipping. I paid for shipping once at NM. Totally not worth it! But it seems NM and BG offers free shipping more often now which is good. Don't know about Saks though.
  6. When I ordered from Aloha Rag, the shipping was free, even to Canada! It was fast, too!
  7. Same here, I wait for some sort of promotional code for Neiman or Saks..
  8. Shipping costs are so infuriating to me... I feel like major retailers should be happy people are willing to buy things online in the first place, without trying them on in person. It seems like only the online retailers (and not places with physical stores) offer free shipping and free returns automatically.

    I really hate when retailers charge shipping based on cost of the order and not weight of the item. Like Anthropologie for example, charges shipping based on dollar amount and NEVER has codes (except for right before the holidays in December). There are tons of shoes and bags that I love on the site (that aren't in the store) but I never buy because of the shipping costs.
  9. I feel your pain-it's ridiculous for them to "Make Money" off of overcharging for the shipping! The prices are high enough already! :shame:
  10. These companies make money on shipping. That's why they charge it. I agree, it's a bad policy. I try never to order from somewhere that charges shipping, unless they just charge the $5-7 is actually costs to ship UPS ground.