Shipping Exotics to Singapore

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Does anyone have any experience shipping exotic items to Singapore? I need to mail a belt over to my cousin, but have no idea what the rules are over there regarding these items. Any help would be appreciated!


    If this is an inappropriate thread, please accept my apologies in advance and remove this thread.

  2. generally not a problem for a small item like a belt. you can use EMS and ship it like you would for a regular item.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, Jadeite! I haven't heard of EMS. Does it have reliable service? I just don't want the package to be misplaced or arrive late. And is their service available in the US? Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'll be sending pkg from NYC.
  4. EMS is the speedy service of Post office. It is reliable and you can purchase insurance as well (at least part of it to cover the bag).
  5. yes you can use any standard courier services, like USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL etc, i think EMS is like your USPS speedy service equivalent. Regardless, always use a service that provides tracking, and buy a little insurance to cover it.
  6. Thanks you all for you responses! :ty::ty::ty::ty::ty:

    One more question...since it's a gator belt, do I have to fill out any special forms? Or can I just mail it as a regular package, where I just pack it up and drop it off at the EMS or UPS?
  7. mail it off as a regular package. but I suggest you do not describe the item as gator or croc. Just "leather belt". We don't have strict rules here but officials might just think you're shipping live wildlife (this happens often) so you don't want them opening your package.
  8. Ah, I see. But would they not wonder why the package is insured for so much if it's only a leather belt? :confused1:
  9. We're a materialistic world - all these Gucci and prada prices for nylon stump them enough. :biggrin:

    But if you declare a value above SGD 400 your cousin will need to pay tax. FYI
  10. LOL...That is very true... :woohoo:
    Thanks so much for all the tips, Jadeite! :smooch:
    This has been VERY helpful!:hugs:
  11. My friend shipped a lizard CDC from NY using USPS flat rate priority mail without any problems. Declared it as bracelet :smile:
  12. If using USPS and it's above 400 sgd it has to be accompanied by invoice else customs will retain it and your cousin will have to pay Tax personally at customs and open the parcel on the spot :sad:
  13. Thank you all again for being so helpful with my problem! This is for you guys! :urock::urock::urock: