Shipping EBay Stuff - Please Don't Fold Leather Handbags

  1. I know shipping went up but please don't fold up leather handbags when You ship them. Adjust your starting price or shipping fee, buy the appropriate size box, and ship with care.

    Just a friendly reminder...
  2. I agree but as a seller I just wanted to mention that everytime I sell a bag I want to purchase a box big enough and make sure its packed properly. most buyers don't want to pay the extra shipping...its unbelieveable. If people don't want to pay to have there item shipped properly and for you to buy a bigger box what do you do. I am sick of losing money on auctions because I feel the need to be a good seller.
  3. omg there aren't really people who fold leather bags are there?
  4. I am neurotic about packing bags I sell. My biggest fear is that it will arrived in less than perfect condition.

  5. I've seen some auctions where the seller states that shipped unfolded is $xx, and folded is $yy. So, the choice is left with the buyer, and the seller wouldn't have to eat the extra shipping costs.
  6. yup there are!

    I received my Coach Mandy (over $800 bag) literally folded in half and crammed into a USPS flat rate box. I stuffed it full and left it for a few days and it's fine, but I was not thrilled
  7. Why would anyone think it cheaper to cram a bag into a small space? We're talking ounces not pounds: suitable packaging is a sound investment.
  8. Because with new rates with USPS they charge by size too... I just shipped a speedy that cost me the rate of a 9lb box because of the box size :crybaby:, if i had been able to put it in a smaller box it would have been significantly less, but I didn't want to send it flat!
  9. LV ships a Speedy flat.
  10. I had no idea! :wtf: Live and learn.
  11. Same here. I don't know how many times I offer Priority Mail and Media Mail on my book auctions, the buyer chooses Media Mail because it's the cheapest, then is annoyed when they don't have it 2 days later.

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder, noshoepolish!
  12. I rec'd a rare chloe bag in an old shoebox.

    You can imagine the condition the bag was in...

    Thank god chloe bags are supposed to be smushy!
  13. a great idea...who would think you have to go through all that though. When dealing with eBay I always uy insurance and always pay for the best shipping option. Not worth taking the risk i think but it amazes me how many feel different
  14. Ah, the packaging issue! This is something that really matters to me but I have noticed people take a variable approach to say the least . . .I have also noticed that since the UK Royal Mail started distinguishing on size as well as weight, items are being squashed into smaller and smaller packages. I now often say to sellers that I am sure they will be careful about the packaging but wanted to mention it explicitly following a few disappointing experiences. So far, everyone is very receptive.
  15. I do the "folded" with some "As Is" stuff that starts at 99 cents. Esp the duffles that are huge.

    I just got an ergo tote that was folded. Just not my way of receiving something that costs over $475.