Shipping charges

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  1. I called LV customer service to place an order because the item was sold out online. A sales rep transferred me to another sales rep in another state. I was charged $25.00 for shipping. I only ordered a bandeau. I do not recall ever paying that much to ship an item. Did something change?
  2. To my knowledge, anything you order from them should have free shipping. The $25 is for expedited shipping.
  3. I always get free shipping.
  4. Was it expedites shipping? Should not cost more than $15 if it is ground. Also, if it is not available in your area, they should ship it free. Maybe give them a call and see what they say.
  5. Never been charged for shipping- regular or not, but my understanding is that they're supposed to charge for expedited only. Call them and ask why you've been charged!
  6. I would call them. I always got free shipping. You should not have been charged.
  7. The most I ever paid was $15 for overnight FedEx shipping but most times it's free..
  8. In Canada, if they are shipping from another store to your house, they would charge you. However. Store to store is free. Also, if the 1866 ships from their own stock then there is no shipping.
  9. Call back just ordered an item for my hubby and overnight was complimentary.
  10. They are supposed to have free express shipping right now for Valentine's Day. I would call them and ask for a refund.
  11. I got it straight. Thank you
  12. looks like you got your answer. good luck!
  13. sounds strange