Shipping Charges to Canada!?!?!?

  1. I have a quick question. I recently ordered a handbag from the Hayden-Harnett website and had it shipped to my parents house in Canada. My mom called me today to tell me that the COD is $107.00 (Candadian) this typical? I have never, ever heard of anything so ridiculous. The mailman is bringing the package back on Monday because we were not expecting such a Huge COD, and were therefore not prepared. I guess I am just stunned and not sure what to do about it. Can I send the package back and get a refund? Am I stuck with this outrageous fee? Am I just a naive newbie who just learned this lesson the hard way?
  2. I guess you just refuse the package, and the purse will back to sender, then you can request the refund since you have never got your purse.
  3. Yep - I got hit with that same outrageous charge..I no longer order to Canada because of that...and yes..I paid it...the sale price was no longer a sale price
  4. How much was the purse? Charges usually run about 20% give or take a little bit. If you think it's too much just refuse the package. You won't get your item though, but it's up to you to decide whether you like it enough to pay the massive duty.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. The purse was around $200 (US).....on sale. With the COD charge it is right around the original price. I was excited about getting a really great deal. I still have no idea what I am going to do. I have read so many good things about Hayden-Harnett and I am sure I will love the purse.
    I am positive I won't be ordering from them again.
  6. I ordered a carryall from HH, and had it shipped to Canada. It was on sale about $50.00 US, and said free shipping on the website receipt that I printed off, but on the actual invoice and on HH customs declaration, I was charged shipping. Minor detail.

    They shipped it courier (DHL?) the guys with the brown truck. And while I was happy it came so soon, I was not happy to pay the $31.00 fee to the courier for clearing it through customs. They charge a percentage of the value of the package on top of the actual $ that go to customs. And they charge for the total value - including shipping. It was outrageous.

    Canada Post charges about $5.00 for the customs clearing fee. Always 6% for GST, and when the customs guys randomly decide, more for duty. When I order from the States now, I only order from places that use mail, and not couriers. It takes about 3 week longer, but I'd rather have the money to buy bags.
  7. You should be charged $30 - $40 tops. You could either pay it and dispute it with customs after the fact, which is always a hassle and there's no guarantee you'll get reimbursed. When you get your hands on the parcel, check the customs invoice carefully. If it's grossly in error I don't see why you can't file a claim. But I've tried before and those guys don't play fair. Unless you really love the purse, you might just be better off letting it go. $200 sounds like a great deal, it just depends on if adding another 100 makes it still worthwhile.
  8. I suspect they shipped either UPS or Fedex for that charge. That would be tax, and their clearing fee and tax on that and possibly duty (depending where the purse was manufactured). Even so, $107 sounds like way too much on a $200 purse. The delivery guy will have an itemized receipt of all the charges. Also check what value the purse was declared at, sale price or regular.
  9. $100 is crazy!
    You should complain to UPS as to why the brokerage fees are that much!
    Even if paying for an additional $100 would be cheaper than regular retail, I don't think it is still worthit. I would just refuse the package. Or at least ask for an explanation as to how the brokerage fees got so high.

    I was very angry too, I ordered 5 tassels for $4 at the HH sample sale - so I though $20 - not that big of charge so if I ship it to canada it would be ok. I get the package - I had to pay brokerage fees of $21 - so I was like WTF man, that's how much I paid for those tassels. But I wanted those tassels and I bit the bullet and paid for it - but I am never odereding them to ship to Canada anymore for ANYTHING! I order them to my aunt's in NY and I will just go pick it up all at once the next time I go visit her.
  10. I feel your pain, ladies. I live in Mexico -- and people won't even ship into Mexico. I've learned NEVER to use UPS. UPS tacks on the MOST OUTRAGEOUS charges onto a package. FedEx and DHL are more decent. When is NAFTA going to kick in so we can REALLY have some free trade between Mexico, U.S. and Canada!!!?