Shipping charges from UK

Jan 20, 2009
For those ladies buying from the UK I thought I would share some interesting info gleaned from my DHL courier. I have shipped a couple of bags from the UK to USA recently and have been astonished about their prices. £168 and £278 respectively for a £4500 and £7500 bag. I was about to offer a personal delivery service when my driver told me to check out They buy bulk services from DHL and then resell at a cheaper rate. Approximately half the cost. Now I do know that in the grand scheme of things it isn't a lot of money but I see it as money towards another bag and therefore rather in my pocket than DHL.

May be worth checking out with your shipper.


Feb 10, 2007
cheapfrill, that;s good to know.
but hoping you can share me your info on bags that you bought, pricing and which stores?
im leaving for London in 2 weeks and ive been wanting a hermes for the past 9 months.. i thought i was going to just get it from ebay until i found out last night that brand new prices in UK are cheaper than the resale prices on ebay? is this true?
maybe you refused a kelly or a birkin from your London SA and maybe you can give them my info .. please help dear!