shipping charges for charge sends?

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  1. i'm curious what you ladies have been charged for shipping for your charge send purchases.

    shipping from chanel boutique is $25, how about SAk's, neiman? or any other places?
  2. Saks - $13 for ground, $18 for 2 days, not sure about overnight.
    NM - $12.75 for ground
  3. whoa, i could've saved myself 12 USD if i bought from any of the department stores.
  4. ^ haha, yea that's how I usually see it too! But Chanel's $25 is express right or was it 2day shipping? I remember when I bought a purse from Chanel, it arrived in 2 days!
  5. i don't know, i had it shipped to a friend in the u.s., i don't really care if it was 2 days or 15 days, i was in no hurry, if i had known, i would've been happy to save the 15, which is almost $20 canadian
  6. I had to pay $75USD to get a bag shipped to me 2day fedex from the States to Canada. It was a steep fee, but I had the bag sooner and I was happier! ...although saving money would've always been better. Can't have it both ways...:crybaby:
  7. $75 for shipping to canada is a pretty good price, the chanel store would've charged me $100 for that

  8. Well that is good to know!! I figured it was the going rate b/c Dior quoted me the same when I got something from them...I wish Canada had more selection!! These companies need to realize that we want to be fashionable too! hehe :supacool:
  9. seriously!! the selection in canada is pathetic.
  10. The Chanel Boutiques will do two-day for $25 and overnight for $35.
  11. NM - $12.75 for Fedex ground, $18.50 for Fedex 2 days