shipping charge refunds?

  1. just a question, i bought a bag from a seller and returned because i found scratches on the bag that was not mentioned when i bought it (hence why i returned it, was not happy).
    Would it be ok for me to ask for a return for the charges? or is it just part of the chances you take for bidding on eBay? can i get the charges back or no?
    btw she said she couldn't return the money for it, i'm just curious because i understand why i could not recived the money back, BUT if i knew there was scratches on the bag i wouldn't have purchased it in the first place, you guys understand my situation? thanks!
  2. I had an ebayer want to return a dress that was a final sale and she wanted me to pay shipping both ways. I told her no because it was a final sale but I agreed to take it back and I wouldn't pay the shipping. She ended up keeping it and left me a neutral. I don't think people should be expected to have shipping refunded. That's money lost on the sellers part. I don't expect shipping refunded when I buy else where online unless they state free returns.

    However I did buy an item on eBay and I didn't like it so returned it. The seller refunded shipping one way without me asking. You may just want to ask the seller and she if she's willing. But I wouldn't expect it even if it was misrepresented. Its just a chance you take on eBay.
  3. i agree with no refund on shipping. i am not a seller, but i think that is a fair thing to do.
  4. I also agree with no refund on shipping. The seller was nice enough to give you a refund. (Yes, I know, not supposed to have scratches.) Besides, the seller lost money on the listing insertion fees and the final value fees. I wonder if there is a way that you can help the seller to recover at least the final value fee, by mutually agreeing to end the transaction.
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