Shipping carrier?

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  1. Hello, I am sure this has been asked before but I wasn't able to find it. I have never ordered online before, I have always gone to the store, I would like to order a new bag for Mother's Day but I will be out of town Wednesday through Friday and I want to make sure I can have it held at the carrier until I can pick it up instead of delivered? I live in California and I will be using the express shipping option if that makes a difference?

  2. Hello, I also live in CA and I've made purchases online a few times just in Feb and March. I've always selected the free ground shipping, but they've upgraded to 2-day shipping for me every time. The only way to have your package held at UPS (this is the carrier that they use) is that you have to call them after they've made their unsuccessful first delivery attempt. And don't worry, anything over $50 from LV will require signature so they won't just leave the package at your door. I believe they will hold the package at the facility for a few days before returning it to the shipper. HTH.
  3. Can you ship it to your nearest LV store?
  4. I would call your store and have an SA assist you in getting this done.
  5. If your local store offers click and collect you can order online and have it ship to the store. It takes 3 business days.
  6. My closest store is pretty far away that's why I wanted to ship it.

  7. Do you mean USPS -the post office or UPS? I hold packages at UPS all the time so I was hoping that was the carrier.