Shipping car from LA to Hawaii

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  1. Does anyone know how I'd go about doing this? I'm so clueless. It this something that's even possible? Please help as I don't want to have to buy another car.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes it is possible, I did it when I moved to Oahu for a couple of years for work. The company I worked for handled all the fees and since I was already in Hawaii my dad drove it down to the dock they specified to drop it off. It was so cute my mom had packed the trunk with all sorts of stuff (emergency kit, a couple of new outfits, new vacuum cleaner). It was a long time ago but I do remember it took a long time I think I rented a car for a while.

    I'm sure there are a number of places that do ship cars. When I moved back to the mainland, the shipper came to my work and picked up the car.
  3. Yes, you can ship your car to Hawaii. People do it all the time. I know Matson does it and some other small companies. I am not sure when Mella had her car shipped but now you're not allowed to leave anything in your car when shipping. This is due to liability and safety issues.

    By the way, what island will you be shipping to, and will you be moving here?
  4. When I moved to Vegas from Honolulu I had my car shipped overseas by Matson. It was $899 flat rate. You can ship it out from the Long Beach port since thats the closest port to LA and pick it up in Honolulu. (If thats where you're heading) It took about a week. Hope that helped. I did research when I moved and Matson was the cheapest. You should call Matson to inquire. Lucky you!! Hawaii is soo gorgeous! I miss it!
  5. We've used Matson to ship our Vehicles. They are very competitive in pricing and there is the option to have your car in a closed container (I'm not sure if this costs more). The current base quote for shipping is $975.

    The car MUST be washed and empty. All personal belongings must be removed and anything that isn't permanently attached must be removed. Also, the gas tank will have to be less than 1/4 of a tank or they'll charge you to remove the fuel.

    You just drop off your car and they take care of it. It's very easy and it's pretty quick too. (around 2 weeks - unless it's a peak time). They also have a website where you will be able to track your vehicle.

    Good luck
  6. Thank you ladies! I'm so glad that I can ship it. I moved to LA for a couple years from Hawaii and miss home too much to I'm heading back for good.
  7. Here is another company that does it. I know many folks have used them to ship cars to the Big Island with happy results. They ship to all islands. Good to compare rates and services before you commit!

    Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines - Home

    Good luck, and welcome home!!!
  8. CobaltBlu thank you! Great site!
  9. yikes those are some pretty strict rules :wtf: my parents used to ship our car to finland from the uk every summer and fill it with stuff and slip the crew a bottle of gin and it'd be free :lol: we had *contacts* though so i suppose that helped. now they've bought a car in finland so we don't do it anymore, although maybe they should, getting caught on a speed camera in a foreign car with the driver's seat on the wrong side might have its advantages :roflmfao:
  10. Yes you can. My husband shipped his car from LA after going to college there. I do remember him telling me that you couldnt leave anything in the vehicle. I thought maybe he could save on shipping by packing his car with his personal items!!!!
  11. Yes, you can absolutely have your car shiped from LA to Hawaii. I'm not sure how the rules are for in the US, but when we were contemplating having our cars shipped to Germany, they told us the following things:
    • All items must be removed from the car. Basically, if it's not attached, take it out.
    • The gas tank must be almost empty. This is to cut down on weight and also to minimalize the risk of a fire breaking out (that's what the guy told us)
    • Your car must be CLEAN. Meaning, wash it by hand and go to a car wash place that will also wash the bottom of it for you. The interior must also be clean. It's recommended to steam clean the whole car.
    It was ungodly expensive to ship all of our cars to Germany and we would have had to pay taxes/duties, port fees, inspection fees, new registration fees, etc...But I'm sure that won't be the case in Hawaii :smile: We just ended up buying new cars once we got here.

    Anyway, good luck on your move and congrats and going back home :smile: