Shipping Bags via Media Mail?

  1. A seller on eBay has the shipping as $2.81 Media Mail. You can't do that, can you? That takes much longer too.:confused1:
  2. Maybe they just hit the wrong button when listing-I ahve done that. Why don't you just ask them to verify the shipping costs?
  3. No, you cannot ship a bag media mail, although some sellers do try to ship non-media items using that method. I would ask them if that is correct or how much for another shipping method.
  4. ^^ I agree they may have hit the wrong button on shipping info- I just did that in a listing-I forgot to change the regular shipping to priority- then when I revised the listing it took another 10 hrs for eBay to put it up again :sad:-
  5. I agree with the others. Plus shipping something that really doesn't fall under "media mail" is illegal. lol
  6. And if she is you don't want to buy it. The post office has been opening packages shipped via media if they believe it is being shipped illegally. It could hold your bag up longer. They are also busting people using priority mailers inside out as well.

    It may have been an honest mistake, if not I would offer the extra to have it shipped priority or find another one.
  7. Really?! This is the first I've heard of this!:wtf: I've been using priority mailers inside out to ship things for the past year without a problem....
  8. Yes, it is illegal. Even if it has been used before. It is still the property of the post office and because the materials are free only for the use of priority shipping.

    I had a package held up 2 weeks because my postal lady reported the original sender who shipped my package in in inside out priority bag. She (seller) charged me $10 to ship and paid 2.60, then had to pay postage due when she got it back of 3.55 (that I would have had to pay if my post lady hadn't sent it back). Then she had to pay 6.15 to ship it back to me.....cut into her shipping profit. Luckily, the postal worker was nice enough to tell me what had happened because the seller wouldn't communicate with me.