shipping bags internationally and some toki-related questions/squeeing

  1. Has anyone shipped from the US to Singapore before? I always get nervous when I send ANYTHING out, and I just sent a Tokidoki bag to Singapore and it's my first time sending something internationally. I just need some piece of mind that it will arrive safely. :wondering

    On a more related note, how long does it take for an order from LesportSac to arrive? I'm really impatient...I ordered a Pirata Bambinone on Saturday and I was wondering if it would be here by like, Wednesday or something, haha. Also, how long does it usually take to receive an order from the SH Outlet?

    My boyfriend is also ordering my other 2 bags for me today so I will soon have a picture post to share with everyone!!!

    Just for fun, what is everyone's FAVORITE Tokidoki item (does not have to be a bag, but please pick one that you own and share some pictures!) :wlae:
  2. Haven't shipped things to Singapore but I have received CDs from there and it took maybe like 2 weeks...also I've shipped things to the Philippines before and it takes like 2 weeks to get there. None of that were BAGS, mind you..but still things got to and from international areas perfectly fine :biggrin:

    I would say my favorite tokidoki item right now is my Amore Gioco..
  3. I bought alot of stuff lately and all the packages got here (Israel) safe and sound, no problems.

    SH outlet- took 2-3 days to get to NYC, I was really surprised.
  4. Usually LeSportsac ships next business day but transit time depends on where you live. I live in OH and my shipment I ordered from the Seattle outlet on Sunday, May 6 just arrived today, so it took a week. But when I order from SH (which is in NY) it only take 2 days for UPS ground. Hope that helps give you an idea...
  5. I shipped to Singapore recently using airmail and it took 4 or 5 business days to reach there...and it got there in one piece, all intact :smile: