Shipping Bag Back - Advice Needed

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  1. I e-mailed the seller already on the condition/arrival of the bag and how I was unhappy with the item and wanted a refund. No response yet though.

    Is shipping the bag back with delivery confirmation sufficent or should I also get signature confirmation?
  2. Delivery confirmation should be sufficient. Did you ship it back already?
  3. If the bag is over 250.00 I'd do insurance and signature confirmation. I'd hate for her to say that yeah, it might've been delivered but she never received it. She/he needs to sign for it. jmho
  4. ^^ITA! Better safe than sorry!
  5. I haven't shipped the bag back yet because I haven't recieved a response from the seller.

    The bag was won at $65
  6. Don't ship bag back without going through the Paypal claim process! I suggest you file a claim with Paypal, then Paypal will force seller to respond by freezing their funds as 'hostage'.
  7. and where on paypal would I find that?
  8. Go to your paypal account and click on the transaction.
  9. Thanks ... I just opened a claim, hope I hear from the seller soon
  10. When you send the bag back, please send it with signature confirmation. That way the seller cannot claim that they don't have it. Also keep all emails and receipts.
  11. do I need to wait for paypal to resolve this or do I have the option to do a chargeback?
  12. Do a chargeback. You need to make sure you are covered from all angles. The chargeback will take a while to sort out but it will kind of freeze that one charge and you won't be responsible for paying interest or anything for the item until it is resolved. Ebay and paypal should decide in your favor.
  13. i need to sent a bag back to seller tooo.. thanks for all the tips..:yes:
  14. So I've done the chargeback and the operator from my cc said that I should have the $ back to my account by the next statement.

    Tomorrow I'm going to ship the bag back to her or should I wait till I 100% have my money back?
  15. I finally recieved a response from the seller ... 6 days later and I had recieved this bag last Friday -.- her response was simply "return the bag or keep it for a partial payment"

    and I just sent an e-mail back asking why it took her 6 days to reply back to my e-mails and that it was too late as I went through paypal and my CC companies already