Shipping an LV back to eluxury

  1. I have return that I need to send back to elux and its rather heavy. I was just wondering of anyone knew what would be cheaper fedex or UPS?

    Just curious. The box is about 11 pounds.

  2. It has been my experience that USPS was actually cheaper than the other 2. I shipped all the way to Puerto Rico once and the shipping was the cheapest with USPS. :flowers:
  3. eLux actually sent me a return label. Did you contact them 1st?
  4. I'd ship it USPS because it is a LOT cheper than UPS or FedEx. :flowers:
  5. UPS, I think out of the two, is cheaper. But I have to agree with Ghost55, USPS is the cheapest out of all of them (even when adding insurance, a tracking number, etc!), and it delivers pretty fast.
  6. This is from eLux's site

    Returning Your Item

    For your convenience, we include a pre-printed return address label with your order. Once we receive your package, we will promptly refund your credit card or eLUXURY account. We will notify you via e-mail once your return has been processed. Please note that your financial institution will likely take approximately 7 business days to reflect this transaction.

    How to return your item
    1. Pack your merchandise in the original shipping box.
    2. If you wish to expedite your return, please call Customer Service at 1.877.890.7171 prior to shipment. We will process your return and issue you a Return number.
    3. Complete the Return and Exchange Policy form. Please write the Return number in the upper right-hand corner of the form, along with the return reason number in the "REASON RTN'D column. Include this form inside the box.
    4. Detach the right-hand portion of the pre-printed return address label. Remove the peel-off backing and affix this portion to the shipping box over the original shipping label.
    5. Insure your package for the full value or the merchandise and return it to us using the delivery service of your choice. For speed and security, we recommend FedEx.
    6. Check your e-mail. We will notify you via e-mail once your return has been processed.
    If you dont have the label contact them and they will send you a new one. Why pay to return if they'll do it
  7. I think you need a return label so it is properly credited too!
  8. I have the return label and they issued me a return number as usual but the retun label does not pay for return shipping.

    its just a tracking device to make sure that you're credited properly :yes:
  9. Same here, if you contact eLux they will send you a FedEx 2day at no charge to you for a return to them . My package weighed 11 lbs also. :yes::flowers:
  10. Ditto:yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. ups is usually cheaper.
  12. I find fedex is always around $7 to $8 for my big packages. I sent back my batignolles for about $8.00
  13. I need to call them tomorrow about sending me a prepaid label. I didnt know they did that. Usually I always pay

    my label just has the address of where to send it to. Its not prepaid.:shrugs: