Shipping advice for the larger bags?

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  1. I'm going to sell my Neverfull GM soon but I have NO idea how I'm supposed to ship it? It's 21x24 inches when its completely flat... lol

    I've had excellent luck with Parcel Post in the past (SD to florida in 1 week) but I recently found out many people don't trust Parcel Post, right?

    The cost is $40+ for Priority Mail if I package it in a regular box.. which seems a little ridiculous...

    So has anyone here shipped a large LV bag? Should I just fold it to fit in to those tiny flat rate boxes? =\ I don't know how comfortable I am shipping up a folded up bag..

    Thank you in advance for the advice!
  2. You could do parcel post with delivery confirmation, try a large padded envelope and re-weigh to check PM prices, or use ups instead.
  3. I frequently find it necessary to build a custom box to avoid oversize package charges. I simply cut and splice Regular Priority boxes together them tape them all up securely. You can make a custom box that is 24x21x3 and it will ship at regular priority rates.
  4. If you're accepting paypal as a payment method and it sells for over $250 you must use a method of postage with tracking and signature confirmation.
  5. i actually did consider a large padded envelope since I have tons but I feel like buyers wouldn't appreciate an $750 bag inside a padded envelope?

    I sold a Palermo once and I had to fold it a bit to ship it in a priority box and the buyer was annoyed that it was folded! =\
  6. WHAT!? that sounds too good to be true!? oh gosh, I'm so tempted to just do it. Normally I would just stop by my post office and ask them about the shipping costs but the 2 in my area always have a line out the door so even just getting through the line takes up to 40 minutes =\
  7. I agree! Hate it when you have to ask a quick question about postage and the line is so long. I usually check prices online but every time I end up going in to post it, it ends up being a totally different price! :P
  8. Definitely do not fold it! I received a folded bag one time and I was so ticked! Take care to preserve the shape of the bag when packing your item, your buyer deserves that.

    I work at USPS, sure you can make your own custom box using cut up priority boxes, we've done it ourselves helping customers to ship something. Also, we have a customer that ships golf clubs and he does that every time to get a box long enough for them. However, obviously you're not going to get the flat rate and using the priority boxes will mean shipping priority. If using a couple boxes put together helps to keep you from getting an oversized box charge that's fine.

  9. Do not fold it. Find a box it will fit in. Stuff the bag and place it in the dust bag and then a plastic bag.

    Make sure you have a tyvek on the bag or use a small hidden seller mark with a UV pen.

    You can buy a box at Staples or Office Depot or the like.

    Offer parcel post (I add the cost of insurance, shipping supplies and signature confirmation into my starting price), priority and express mail. You can also check with UPS but you need a direct signature which is expensive.

    Weigh the box and use the shipping calculator in your listing. Put in your listing it will be shipped in a big box so ebay knows you aren't gouging for shipping.
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    My postmaster told me that to some US regions, a box 17 x 12 and over is subject to dimension charges, not regular Priority. Is she correct?
  11. Parcel post does not use dimansions except for really big boxes. Priority does so if it is over 1 cubic foot, then dimensional shipping sets in. If it is going nearby, box size (except huge boxes) do not affect cost for Priority Mail.

    That's why I use calculated shipping and list parcel post first. You can always tell a buyer that since they live nearby they may want to select Priority from the drop down list since the cost is so close.
  12. i have found a box that is 17x15x7 will be over sized going priority when a bag is like 3 pounds. i just use parcel post i cant stand to smoosh a bag in a box.
  13. 17+15+7>36 so it is oversized. That's how you can do a rough calculation, although the USPS website says if any side is >12 then it could be oversized. That's why the calculator is great.
  14. Whatever you do, don't fold it. I would also advise a box, not envelope. I would not appreciate a bag being shipped folded or in an envelope. Do as recommended above---build a box, then put the bag in it's dustbag and a plastic bag. I love the idea about building a box, though...I'll certainly be using that in the future!
  15. I always ship in a box large enough for the purse + packing. It's $$, but it is what it is. If the buyer doesn't want to pay the shipping charge, they're free to bid on a different auction. You can go the UPS or Fed Ex route if you want to avoid the oversized package fee, but USPS is more convenient for me.