Shipping a high end bag to Australia - help please

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  1. I have an offer on a B bag from someone in Australia. I went to the USPS and they said the package sent International Express Mail would be, including insurance, around $50 . I am just wondering what I should put on the customs forms? I need to be fully covered in case of problems with buyer or if it gets lost. Appreciate any advice from buyers or sellers to/from Australia??????:flowers:
  2. just put birthday present, but for insurance reasons you HAVE TO put the real value.
  3. shipping to australia is extremely slow now. myself and some other girls are having issue w packages either lost or arrived at PO/customs for ages.
    but as mustlovecatz , real value for insurance purpose
  4. Not just for insurance but for your Paypal protection too.
  5. its not slow if you send it EMS tracking and insurance ... seriously! It cost me $30 to get my chanel bag including insurance ... and took all of 5 days (and thats cause easter was in their) ...
  6. Really? I just shipped a bag there last week and the buyer got it in like 4 or 5 days. Are you using EMS? Also, USPS told me that priority mail international to Australia is just as quick because it travels with the express mail. I've shipped a few things that way too and it was just as quick... and cheaper...
  7. How much did the bag go for? If it was under US 1000, there are no customs to pay at our end. Are you able to ensure it fo say 990? I've bought lots of things from the US and never had anything go missing. USPS and Australia Post are both reliable mail carriers. Make sure you send via USPS express mail as it's the cheapest option with a tracking number and signature on delivery. Good luck and keep selling to Australians please!
  8. yeah, i only ship EMS. it's been at the PO since march 11, and that's it. not saying delievered to buyer or notice left....nothing...
  9. That's weird. I wonder if they did try to deliver it, but just haven't updated their tracking info to reflect that. Hopefully it gets delivered soon!

    Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you that your dog is really CUTE!!! :smile:
  10. EMS is what exactly??As for USPS, I am pretty sure Int. Priority does not give you a tracking # and INT. Express does. Can anyone tell me more about not having to pay for insurance less than $1,000/ I haven't heard about this? Does that mean the insurance under $1000 (even if it is $999) is included in Int. Express or something? THanks for all the info and help.:flowers:
  11. EMS is express mail. Priority does give you a tracking#, but does not require a signature. EMS requires a signature. There is $100 of insurance included with EMS and it's $.75 for every $100 after that.
  12. For international shipping, USPS Priority does not give a tracking number. That's why I always ship using USPS International Express. As for the insurance, I think it's buyer's option to pay for it. If you ship USPS Express and it gets lost, you have a proof that you sent the bag (tracking number and keep the receipt since USPS receipt shows the tracking number).
  13. hmm. i just shipped to australia. i used express mail as i was told that was the only option that offered a tracking number but that there was no insurance available for international mail... is this true? or is my local postal franchise really misinformed? also, my buyer got it within a week...
  14. I have never had a problem receiving my bags from overseas I have had more trouble sending from Australia to overseas.:angel:
  15. I mainly buy from the US, and have never lost anything! The best option is EMS (Express International), it's so easy to track, and such an assurance to both buyer and seller to always know where the parcel is..also they give you a guaranteed delivery date..It's never taken more than 5 days for me, once I got it in 3..