Shipping a Bbag

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  1. I am on the waitlist at BalNY for a First in Vert D'eau and live in Canada. Does anyone know what the duty/tax charges are for shipping over the border? Txs.
  2. i dont have experience purchasing from BalNY, but aloha u know if they will be declaring full value? if so, what shipping company will they be using? i've had a stam sent from MJ NY (fedex) and i paid more than 150 Cad for duties & taxes... while aloha rag shipped my work but declared item's 1/4 value only and i was taxed a lil under 90... :shrugs: i hope that helps~ :smile:
  3. 18%DUTY+6%GST+$8 handleing fee, somtimes plus the PST, it's suck~~~
  4. I had a bbag shipped to from the states, it was valued at $820USD-ish... I had paid $180CDN for customs!
  5. but dun worry, with the mark up at holts, we're still better off to order it from the states~ :smile: