Shipping 1k handbag without insurance internationally to avoid customs?

  1. Has anyone ever had a buyer request this? How do you feel about it?
  2. I would not do it! :sad:
    You can state on the custom forms that the item is a gift and state the value. Buy the insurance and don't make the same mistake and ship Global Express Mail. (no tracking capabilities)
  3. A lot of people request it so that it helps with Customs. As if you declare a gift then the person at the other end does not need to pay taxes. It is up to you - a lot of sellers wont do it as they feel vulnerable if the item gets lost and you are not insured for the right amount.

    It's a personal choice.

    Good luck
  4. Whenever I ask the seller to do this, I always tell them I assume the risk if it gets lost.
  5. I've done this before, but I ask them to send me a statement in an email first to state that they are declining insurance and that if lost, they have total resposibility.
  6. never in a million years would i ever do that. ever. never. nope. nyet. sorry but no.
  7. No, no and no - see my earlier concerns also about lying on legal documents in another thread in the eBay sub-forum. A very worrying prospect for me.
  8. No way would I do that-period. As a seller, the ultimate responsibility for assuring the item gets where it's going is up to you-in terms of how it is initially sent; since I have had people whine about a $30 item (which I insured and later mysteriously showed up), unless you have an extra $1K to repay the buyer, send that package with insured tracking-you do have options! Let us know what you decide to do!
  9. Nope, no way...
  10. Don't do it, it might come back and bite you :push:
  11. Thanks for all of the advice! I did NOT do it. I think I am going to try to stay away from international shipping for a little while . . .
  12. Which country is it?
    FYI I sold a BV bag through eBay to a Greece resident. I purchased insurance and sent it air.

    That was early September.

    My customer JUST RECEIVED notification from customs that the bag was there and she owed $148.00 in custom and duty fees!!!!!!!!!

    She informed me that if I sent it uninsured she would have received it in 2 weeks at the most.

    This was after several trackings/ insurance claims, etc.

    This was on a pre-owned handbag I sold for 450.00.

    SHe told me she didn't want the handbag after having to pay an additional 148.00 so I asked her to return the item. The Greece customs people told her she would still have to pay the 148.00 to return the handbag to me!!!

    We negotiated , but I could have sold it to someone else locally for 430.00 (The next bidder)

    A learning experience!

    Hope this helps!
  13. Don't do it! you will surely regret.
  14. I do it all the time, declare a low value & as a gift, buyer never had to pay duty but I am still able to get 500 insurance with special next day delivery. I tell buyers I cannot be responsible for anymore
  15. i wouldn't. i haven't shipped anything worth more than $250 internationally, though. i don't sell on eBay much, but i when i do, i usually only allow US bidders. i'm always afraid something could go wrong, and i'd be out a lot of money.