shipped to wrong name

  1. okay. i ordered something off eBay and paid with paypal. on my paypal account i had my initials, however, when i checked out through eBay or auctiva or whatever i put in my real name and a different shipping address from my billing because i was sending it to my dorm room. the seller then said oh i cant not put in a name (because my paypal was just initials) so i used your username. now i dont think ill be able to pick up my package at my university because its under my eBay username. am i the one at fault even though i entered my real name and address for shipping? i figured like if i were to send this package as a gift to someone else they would have put the persons name i was gifting it to on the label, wouldnt they? is there anything i can do about this? if she got my shipping address right i dont understand why she didnt get my name. ughh.
  2. That's weird. If anything she should have used your initals! I hope you don't have a problem picking it up at your dorm. Did you tell her why it was important she ship to the name/addy provided?

    At the least she should have emailed you BEFORE shipping. Then you both could have come to an agreement.
  3. The worse that can happen is the package will go back to the seller and she will have to send it out correctly. She may charge you again for shipping though. Surely you can pick it up from university. Perhaps you could print something off of ebay showing your personal details and username to identify yourself.
    Strictly speaking a seller usually expects to post to the address on your paypal account. This prevents fraudulent activity and you are lucky she agreed to post to a different address at all.
  4. i sent a friend at a diff university a package and it got bounced back to me because i had used a shorthand name and it even had his room no. on it. so the seller always uses the paypal name? even if i were to ship it as likea gift and entered a diff shipping address and name which is kinda like what i did. would i be technically liable for the postage for sending it back if the uni bounces it back to her?
  5. I think the seller is responsible because even if she printed the label from PayPal (wich won't show your ebay username anyways) she can also write your real name on the label with a pen. For now just print your receipt from PayPal just in case you have a problem picking it up. Good Luck!
  6. hopefully because in a way she pulled the name she used to ship it to me out of "thin air" well it was kinda my ebay username. if she just followed ebay it wouldve been my initials and i wouldve been able to pick it up. its weird because all the paypal receipt confirmations i got had my actual name while the last one that said it was shipped through paypal used my ebay username. ugh i better be able to pick it up.
  7. I am not sure how mail deliveries are handled on campus.....can you let the mail centre know that you are expecting a delivery but there is a problem in that it has has been wrongly addressed to another name (ie your ebay username) and not your correct name? Let them know that it has been addressed to the right dorm but just using the wrong name.
  8. If you change something in the address box, PP won't cover the seller. I agree with laloki. Depending on how big her college is, maybe they can help her out in the mailroom.