Shipped package overnight and it's lost!

  1. I don't know if you guys read my other thread about shipping to an unconfirmed address, and whether there are any risk. Anyway, to follow up on that, I shipped it Fedex overnight, emailed the buyer right away with the tracking number, and even follow up to ask whether she recieved it. She tells me that she went out (although tracking number clearly states it will deliver today at noon), and when she got back, she looked everywhere and can't find it. Fedex had left it on her doorsteps. She called Fedex, they said they will try to trace it. I called Fedex, and they said they did the trace and now it's closed b/c they did deliver to the correct address, and there's nothing else they can do. It's really my fault I guess. I asked my husband to take it to Fedex for me on his way to work. He did not mark off signature required nor got insurance b/c he had forgotten. I should've done it myself, but I just had to save time, didn't I? Now package is lost. What do I do now? I have no choice to just refund her right? Ugh, this really ruined my July 4th. I'm so pissed! I hate Fedex. Not really for this incident, but for times when they deliver stuff to me, but don't even bother ringing the doorbell even though I'm home. They'll just throw the package all the way to my front door, and I would know it's there only b/c I'll hear it land. Sorry guys, just really really needed to vent.
  2. I had a similar experience with UPS. It was a $500 package and UPS only paid me back $100 for their default coverage.

    At this point, you are really out of luck. Did you say you sent it to an unconfirmed address? Then PayPal will not side you. If it was sent to a confirmed address, you could show PayPal your shipping evidence to see if they will be on your side since the buyer chose not to pay insurance.

    Do you think if there is a possibility the buyer had the bag but claimed not receiving it?
  3. I still actually don't understand what the different is between unconfirmed and confirmed addresses. I pretty new to selling. I just started b/c I wanted to clear my closet and needed the extra money since we're moving (I'm a SAHM too). I always thought confirmed means you added your bank account info, but I took mine off b/c I was afraid of someone hacking in (got scared after all the fake Paypal emails I recieved).

    I thought maybe the buyer did get it but claim otherwise, but I would never know, and I can't accuse her. I told her when she should receive it and gave her tracking info, I just don't get why she would step out if no one is home and the package was said to be delivered at noon. I mean i"m really out of luck here like you said. It's a huge lesson to be learned. I should've be extra careful.
  4. confirmed address just means billing address for the payment method matches the shipping address. all you really have to do is look at the transaction details and it will say "confirmed" or "unconfirmed". I don't ship expensive items to unconfirmed addresses. you aren't protected at all.
  5. Definitely pay for signature confirmation and/or insurance next time you ship expensive items. An dishonest buyer pulled this on me too. But luckily I've proof of delivery to her address through Paypal. I lost the claim at first, then appealed and won.

    Good luck!
  6. What happens if you sent to a unconfirmed address and pay for Insurance ($500Value) and the package goes lost? Will UPS cover the package? I heard they require a signature if it is insured over $200?? It this true?

    I just sent a package and didn't require it to have a signature. It was going to the buyers place of work and the address was not confirmed
  7. When I tracked it on fedex, it does say it's shipped. So is it still my fault?

    What does insurance actually do for you? If item is lost and you have insurance, what happens next? I'm just want to know for next time.
  8. Whomever you paid the insurance to when you hand them the package, such as USPS, UPS or Fedex, if the package was lost, they are liable to pay the shipper,which is you. They will require you to provide some documentation about the product's price, such as PayPal receipt. Since the seller/shipper has his/her lost be covered, he/she can refund the buyer then.

    Please note that USPS delivery signature slip (the hot pink color slip) is not an insurance. Insured packages do require signature, but you cannot obtain the signature online. When I ship an expensive package, I would insure the package and also have a delivery signature confirmation. I know it is doubled the work, but just to buy a peace in mind.
  9. If Fed EX shows proof of delivery that should be all you need to cover yourself. She should have waited for delivery before she left the house. Anyone with any sense would not allow a 500.00 package to sit on the front steps in ANY neighborhood where anyone could walk by. I think you are ok. Try to get something from Fed Ex showing delivery.
  10. *Big sigh of relief* Buyer said that it was delivered to her neighbors. I called Fedex and I told them the recipient did not get the package, they did a trace which means the driver goes back to the location to make sure it's correct, and they told me it was so case close and nothing they can do. Obviously it was not if they delivered it to the neighbors! Now I feel AWFUL for thinking negatively of the buyer. She was actually very sweet. She said her neighbor saw her and flagged her down and told her Fedex dropped it off at their door, and they took it inside b/c it was raining. She loves the bag :smile:. I'm so glad that's all resolved. Thanks for all the advices and thanks for listening!!!!
  11. Glad everything worked out in the end!
  12. I'm glad it worked out but what 's the deal with the Fed Ex driver not remembering he dropped it at the neighbors house? Don't they have some sort of clipboard type thing where they would make a note where the package was left?
    Remind me not to use Fed. EX!!!!:weird:
  13. phew!!!! so pleased it all worked out!!
  14. I am glad everything got resolved. For your protection, always add insurance and signature confirmation to your packages.
  15. CLOSE CALL. I'm glad things turned out well. I had a similar experience and since then I ship all high-end goods insured with signature delivery.