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  1. I just placed my order for a NF MM yesterday! And I can't waittttt to get my bag! How long does it normally take for the shipment to arrive? I chose the complimentary shipment method, thru fedex i believe.
  2. normally 4-5 business days-ish
  3. oh and YAY on your new bag!
  4. Congrats on getting a NF -- you are lucky to find one in stock online. Post pics when it arrives! do you have a FedEx tracking number to determine when it will arrive?
  5. they ship out of TN and MS i believe. it takes forever (usually 7-8 days) for stuff to get to me since i'm in WA. hopefully, you're closer. :smile:
  6. I think it really depends where in the country you are - and in which country!

    I live in the UK and my orders usually reach me in about three days. I don't believe LV offer anything but a complimentary shipping service here - I have never been given the option to expedite my order for an extra charge, at least.

    Congrats on finding a NF! I'm sure however long it takes to reach you, it'll be worth the wait!
  7. I'm in Michigan and it usually takes 2 business days.
  8. Mine usaully take about 3 days but with online your bags are coming straight from france there for it has to go threw FedEx, yeah weve never had the option :/...My new bag which I orderd on sunday HOPEFULL will come tommorow as for I rang customer services and checked my FedEx track and its in stanstead sooo fingers crossed tommorow or the next day......Watch how ill probley be at work when it arrives - _ -
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! Yeah I got super lucky to get the bag online - I've been stalking the site for 2 months now! Finally got to place my order yesterday...CANT WAITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! :yahoo:
    Well I'm in San Francisco, CA...and i placed my order around noon (oct 5). I'm hoping it comes before the weekend.. I do have a fedex number, but nothing seems to be showing up anything on the fedex tracking site yet. Guess I'll just have to wait till the tracking information is updated. arghhhhhhh!
  10. I would wait untill tommorow to see if you can track your item :smile:,I made a mistake by putting this other code in so just make sure you have the right one.You could always ring LV and see were your bag is at, I dident even no you could actually track it yourself untill I went to the fedex site :/.Im sure it will come before the weekend, it took LV agers to finish the process 2 which is getting the card details and I dont even no why :@
  11. Mine takes 2 days usually, if I order on Monday the item is here by Wednesday morning!
  12. Congrats! I think it depends on where you are located--should be within a business week!
  13. When I have shipment confirmation, it only takes 3 days (From MS to CA).
  14. I'm in the SF area and I'm pretty sure it tales longer than 3 days (or perhaps it just seems so, LOL, because I am waiting). No I think it does take maybe 4 days or so.
  15. I just checked..looks like it was shipped o today - oct 6...estimated delivery oct 12! arghhhhhhhhhhh thats 6 days!! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: