shipment delay when first time order in LVR???

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  1. I've bought a bag via LVR at 26 June, and received an email as note first time orders will be subject to security checks which may result in a delay in my order, because LVR is waiting for the final bank authorization since i was making an overseas internet purchase... My local bank mentioned that the charge has been approved already, however i still haven't receive any reply from LVR.

    I am quite worried about this transaction .... anyone can tell if you have similiar experience?:cry:
  2. don't worry, I've bought three bags from LVR and they are very reliable. I even bought one with a bank wire transfer (balenciaga) and it came surprisingly fast.
  3. I just received the email from LVR as below:

    ...... um I don't really understand what is this trying to say, i think the customer service just tried to tell me the stock is gone???

    OMG I hate this happened to me and I really have no idea with that ... I just email them and ask to clarify this matter, anyway I feel so bad about it :sad:
  4. why should you feel bad

    i would be pissed off
  5. I would call LVR CS and talk with Cristina Camilli to get this matter clarified. She's fluent in enlish and very helpful. I'm in the standard time zone and I usually call at 2 AM my time to catch them when they first open in the morning.

    Hope you get your bag.
  6. I'm new around here. Can someone tell me what LVR is?

    Thanks, Rai
  7. Luisa Via Roma. It's a website that sells authentic handbags.