Shiping to saudia arabia?? or USA question

  1. OK, I have a potential buyer who wants me to either A)ship to saudi arabia or b) ship to her friend in the USA and then she would ship to her....I am NOT shipping outside the USA, should I ship to a friend or is it unsafe with paypal etc.???
  2. If the friend's address is a confirmed address, it should be ok, but she would probably need to pay with her friend's paypal as I doubt she has her friend's address as one of her confirmed addresses. The best way would be if she could have her friend both bid on the auction and pay.
  3. Agree with emald. If her friend pays with her own paypal account then it should be fine. Just to say shipping to Saudi Arabia is as straight forward as any other country so you might want to consider it for future. :smile:
  4. Thanks wardrobe*girls, you are right about shipping to Saudi Arabia. Seller is talking about me since I asked the question. Thankfully I've had over 10 handbags shipped to me in Saudi via USPS Express Mail International, but 'Saudi Arabia' does cause reservations amongst buyers. Another TPFer offered to take delivery and forward to me. I know Saudi is not exactly a country that gives off a warm fuzzy feeling to those in other countries. Don't worry shoegal, if it's a problem I can wait for another bag.
  5. I might as well poke my nose in as I am the Friend who would be prepared to pay and have it delivered to me. I have sent bags to Mini before and all went well. It's a shame because she works in a country that doesn't have much shopping opportunities.

    I have been an ebayer for 9 years and have over 1800 all positive feedback. I would be more than happy to pay for this auction via paypal and take care of the rest of it. Let us know what you think. We are long time TPF members so it's a little safer than dealing with a complete stranger.

    Yeah, Saudi doesn't give me warm and Fuzzies either but getting you abag you might really want would make you feel a little better while you do your time :smile:
  6. If for some reason Lexie can't do it, I'll be happy for you to send the bag to me and I'll handle the shipping to Mini. She's a great TPFer! :tup: I've been an ebayer since 1999, and while I don't have as many feedback as some, I'm a 100% too.
  7. Im based in Dubai and have been to Saudi several times...hope more sellers happily ship to Saudi if they read this girls are very on trend! :smile:
  8. Hi there mini! I just pm'd you! So glad you are a pf-gal! Small world...or are we a huge crowd....:smile:
  9. Wohooo!

    Hope you get that bag Mini. Once you go Botkier you will be hooked!
  10. I admit I was scared to send to Saudi the first time. But Mini gave me the exact details and it was amazing as the bag reached her within 7 days!!! Yes, it's a little pricey but it was smooth and fast. I feel bad that she has to incorporate about 45 dollars into all of her purchases.

    This poor Girl has never had a Botkier in her hands. That's a crime! :smile:)
  11. Looks like it's all going well, Mini:smile:

    These girls are top notch, shoegal, no worries whatsoever!
  12. ive sent to saudi before and it went smooth! :smile:
  13. Just my 2 cents, but I've also sold/sent a bag to mini in Saudi. Now worries shoegal
  14. Oh you girls are the best, I'm blushing. Shoegal, there's a fair few of us who frequent the Kooba section of TPF and have become good buddies. I've bought a fair few Koobas from these girls and they've all been wonderful. Unfortunately Kooba hasn't exactly come out with a great Fall selection of bags, so we've been looking at other brands. Lexie has now got me smitten on Botkier and I'm looking for my first. I'm finding myself wanting a Bianca and also a Sasha shoulder tote. They look like great bags.
  15. As a fellow Shipper to Mini in Saudi, I can concur that it isn't a problem. EMS has proven to be the best method to ship...and were taking about Mini here. She's a doll. As HuskyLover said, no worries! :yes: