"Ship to USA only" but int'l bidder won, now what?

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  1. your buyer is being quite unreasonable.

    what if you refund her money through paypal?
  2. I am having this problem right now, but have a separate question as well.

    A buyer from Sweden won my item and paid immediately via PayPal. I issued her a refund, but she is complaining that the money will take up to 30 days to go back to her account. Is this true? I found that refunds issued via PayPal were instantaneous!
  3. ^^Not if she funded with a Swedish bank account. When I pay from Spain with my bank account, if it gets refunded it takes 14-16 BUSINESS days to credit back to my Paypal account.
  4. ^^thanks!! what about credit card funded payments?
  5. Those generally only take a few days.... BUT if they funded with a debit card (has Visa or MC symbol but directly debits from account) it can upwards of 10 days.
  6. thanks! i'm on the phone with PayPal now--they said the refund time depends on the how the funding source processes the refund.
  7. Hi - to have a chance at *Bay reversing a negative if your buyer leaves one for you, be sure to report her as an unwelcome/malicious buyer, which *Bay defines as someone who is "unable to/does not meet the seller's terms but bids anyway"... Once you report her, they'll contact you via e-mail for more information and you'll be able to tell them that she is an international buyer and you don't ship internationally. They'll urge you to complete the sale - direct you to a tutorial on international shipping, but all you have to say is that it's a prohibited item AND she asked you to falsify the customs form. She'll get a policy violation and, as long as you file the malicious buyer report before she leaves negative feedback, you should have no problem getting it reversed. Some people think that filing the malicious buyer report invites negative feedback, but after a while, you can tell pretty quickly which transactions are just going to go all wrong... I hedge my bets & file the report. So far, so good... I hope your situation ends well!

  8. smith, but what about if my auction does not SPECIFY that i only ship in the united states? i never explicitly mention in my auction that i will not ship overseas...can she report me for being a non-performing seller?

    also, can i report her for being an "unwelcome" bidder if my auction does not state that do not ship overseas?
  9. At the time it happened to me, I did NOT have "no int'l bidders" in the narrative part of my listing and I did not have international bidders blocked... the only place I gave any indication was in the shipping details, where I had checked off "ships to the US"... it was about a year ago & *Bay had yet to become hostile toward sellers... I don't know if it would be as easy now, but it was very effective then.

  10. Hm...well I guess I'll find out soon enough! If the buyer leaves me a negative--oh well.
  11. I would cancel her bid and relist your item.....blocking international bidders....
  12. What she is telling you is correct. I'm American but my husband is Swedish. The Swedish buyer you are dealing with probably thought it would be as easy as an EU transaction. (There isn't a Swedish Ebay by the way, so all Swedes on Ebay are buying their stuff from somewhere else anyway.) By the way, it isn't that big of a deal to ship internationally to Europe from the US. I know that we Americans freak out about that sometimes, because it sounds so major, but is really is easier than you think. Personally, I've had fewer problems dealing with Europeans on Ebay than I have on American Ebay. I've had some horror stories on American Ebay before.

    True American Ebay story:

    I once had a crazy seller who sold me the worst Coach briefcase you could ever imagine--totally misrepresented and overpriced. When I complained, the seller went nuts, left negative feedback (back when they could still do this), and started stalking me on the internet. Just recently, for some unknown reason, I wondered what happened to this guy, so I did a quick Google search with the seller's real name. (It has been 7 years now since the briefcase incident.) No WAY but the person is in JAIL for murder! :wtf: There are some scary folks out there on American Ebay. I feel much safer over here in Europe right now. I would say, you have nothing to fear with European buyers. Most of them are extremely pleasant, and as someone above mentioned, many are just taking advantage of the good exchange rate.
  13. ^^WOW! that's really wild!

    anyhow, i'm not opposed to selling to people in sweden. i just happened to be super annoyed this time because the buyer adjusted the invoice and make the shipping fees to sweden even lower than what i was charging for domestic shipping. it's just rude to buy something without even asking A) if the seller ships internationally and B) how much international shipping is!
  14. Yeah, usually Swedes are very polite, but that sounds rude. It could also be that the person didn't really know how to use Ebay yet. Did she have a lot of feedback? Maybe she was older and didn't speak English very well? I know most Swedes do speak English, but that sounds like something my mother-in-law would do actually. LOL!

    My in-laws dont speak English, but they insist on answering our phone when visiting our house in the States. If my mother-in-law doesn't understand whoever calls, she just says "wrong number" and hangs up on them. I have no idea why they answer our phone when they can't speak English? :shrugs: I found out about it when my girlfriend called the house while I was out, asked if I was home, and she got hung up on, and then she told me about it later. She even said she called back and it happened again. Anyway, that's enough with my stories........