"Ship to USA only" but int'l bidder won, now what?

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  1. Hello there, this is the first time an international buyer won any of my items. I clicked the "ship to the USA only option" in my listing, and clearly wrote "I ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE USA." under the terms of my listing. However, the winning bidder is from switzerland. Since I only intended on shipping USA, my shipping charge was only $3.

    The item in question is a small wallet. Now I just want to know, what are my options? She/he hasn't paid for the item yet, but what can I do if I don't want to ship international? and if it costs alot more than $3 to ship, am I still allowed the increase the shipping?

    Also, I accept PAYPAL only, is PAYPAL international?

    Thanks for any help, I'm totally unexperienced with international buyers.
  2. You can request to cancel the transaction, explain that you only ship to the US, and do a second chance offer to the next highest US bidder.

    Paypal is international. You could request payment via paypal but explain you only ship guaranteed delivery which is fairly expensive. See what they say.
  3. Paypal is international and international selling isn't too tough but there are things about it that need to be dealt with. Shipping costs are higher. The post office will give you a form to fill out specifying what the item is and its value. This form is affixed to the package. The buyer is responsible for duties and customs. Because you specified so, f you don't want to go through the extra steps, you are well within reason to refuse to sell it to the international buyer. If you are willing to proceed, and the buyer is willing to pay the extra shipping fee that would be fine. For future listings, I believe that when you are preparing your listing you can specify "U.S." only in the shipping section and bids coming in from outside the U.S. would be rejected.
  4. Yes you can advise the buyer that you don't ship and send them a link to cancel the sale, hopefully they will agree, then you get your fees back and can offer it to a 2nd bidder or relist. If the buyer won't agree, then ask ebay to get involved, if you clearly have that they should allow you your fees back. Also, to stop this from happening again, you can go into your profile and block all international bidders.
  5. i made that mistake recently :shame:sad:although the seller didn't specify in her listing that she only shipped to the USA). after i won the auction she send me an email apologizing and explaining her situation and we both agreed to cancel.
    i send her an email also explaining that i didn't mean to cause any trouble, i just assumed she did ship internationally as her auction allowed me to bid.
    some sellers have some kind of block for intl' sellers, when you try to bid a message comes explaining that the seller doesn't ship internationally.
    another option is to find out the costs of shipping to her country including insurance...she might herself decide not to continue with the transaction as the costs of intl' shipping can be high.
    good luck, i hope your buyer is reasonable and agrees to cancel.
  6. You have to change the bidder requirements to disallow bidders from countries you don't ship to.

    I was recently selling a wallet and after several international inquiries I tried to add the international shipping. It wouldn't allow it, but I was able to modify my bidder restrictions to allow people to bid from countries I didn't have listed and told them they had to contact me for a shipping quote. They could NOT bid until I had removed the restriction.
  7. Maybe the bidder has family in the US you could send it to, just contact him/her, and if you can only send it to switzerland, then cancle it.
  8. This is too risky.
  9. No you have to send to the confirmed address on Paypal to be protected.
  10. thanks for all the advice! the buyer was willing to pay extra for the shipping so I've decided to go ahead with the sale.

    I'm thinking of shipping USPS, either first class international or priority. Is it enough if I just include delivery confirmation or should I add other options to protect myself? i.e proof that I mailed it or if it gets lost? Although I specified in my listing that I will not be responsible for the item once I ship it.
  11. I live in Spain and order from ebay all the time. I usually get my packages via USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope for small items or Flat Rate Box for large. The envelope, with delivery confirmation costs $11.95 and the box costs $38.95 I've never had any problems tracking the packages and they always show up as delivered a few days after they get to me :smile: HTH!
  12. thanks alot BDP! priority mail flat rate envelope sounds good!
  13. You're welcome! I think you'll find most international buyers are wonderful. I think we're just happy to be able to find stuff we want, and take advantage of the dollar to euro exchange rate LOL.
  14. I'm going through the same thing right now, I did not allow for international bidders yet somehow an italian buyer was able to purchase. It was a leather belt and leather goods are not allowed to be shipped into italy per paypal's prohibited list. So I told the buyer this and filed to cancel the transaction. She refused to cancel! then paid via paypal and sent me an email telling me that I need to mark it as a $20 gift when I ship it to her!!! I'm trying to get ebay live help to see what my options are as far as ensuring that she is unable to leave negative feedback since I am not able to ship to her and have refunded her paypal payment as of this morning.
  15. That's no longer the case.