Ship to Unconfirmed paypal address???? Help.

  1. Question for all my fellow ebayers: I sold an item late last week (pre-strike). Under $50 Le sportsac. Buyer paid quickly but provided unconfirmed paypal address which is not unusual although I have had a shipping problem recently so I emailed the buyer to ask what the situation was. Well, 4 emails later and no response back from the buyer and I have not shipped. I said in my emails that I could not ship until I heard from them. I also see that although they have been a member for quite some time they have been inactive for about one year and their feedback, although good, is mostly for magazine subscription purchases. What do we think????
  2. I would find out if paypal's new seller protection has gone ino effect yet and start there. It is supposed to start Feb but hasn't started for everyone.
  3. Request the buyer's phone number through eBay and give her a call.

    I'm not sure if Paypal's new seller protection has gone into effect either. Does anyone know?
  4. Definitely do not want to call...I had a buyer call me once and it freaked me out.
  5. If your buyer paid, I'd send the package priority mail with insurance and signature confirmation for the most peace of mind. Then you are completely covered.
  6. That is what I am thinking too but I still find the non-response strange, don't you?
  7. Yes, it's strange, but your buyer could have been away for the long holiday weekend. And some people just aren't responsive. You just never know!
  8. Agreed. I will ship today.
  9. It is my understanding from Paypal that in order to qualify for the seller protection you must do 3 things:

    1.ship to a CONFIRMED paypal address.

    2.Ship within 7 days of payment.

    3. Have proof of delivery (tracking) for purchases under 250.00
    and signature confirmation buyer for items 250.00 and above.

    The paypal rep told me if you follow these 3 things you will always be covered even in case of fraud, which happened to me when I mailed to a confirmed addrress but the item was fraudently paid for. (stolen card in the neighborhood, tracked item via usps and then item picked up at stolen c card's confirmed address by theif.)
  10. ^^ great advice...these are the exact 3 steps that I take when I send and item out. It's very important to have them confirm their address or else PP will NOT cover you. Don't send your package out without them confirming first. The no response is pretty fishy too but I have had people respond to me 5 days later because their eBay and PP accounts are attached to an email address that they don't check often.
  11. I have the same concern right now. Inorder to get Paypal protection, the buyer must have a confirmed address, ship with tracking no. and even though anything over 250.00 require a signature but I still request it just to be safe. Better safe than sorry.
  12. I have noticed a number of discussions regarding confirmed vs unconfirmed addresses. If you ship with a tracking number, signature requirement and insurance, does it really matter?
  13. With PP shipping. Delivery Confirmation (tracking number) is free - all sellers are responsible for Insurance on an item - which requires a signature for delivery as it is - but then PP still requires you to get Signature Confirmation (additional $1.75) on a package over $250 as well... Double Dip IMO but you gotta do it.

    Always get the buyer to confirm their address in PP - very easy to do and they can remove whatever information they want to after the transaction is complete. This is for both the protection of the seller and the buyer.
  14. I've only shipped to an unconfirmed address once. I think it might've been her work address because it was a leasing office or property management of some sort.

    I see two sides to this discussion. As a seller, I can see the reason behind a confirmed PP address. That said, my account is unconfirmed as my cards on file go to my aunt's house (she is in charge of my statements/bills because I moved a lot because of school and I didn't want to keep changing card information) but I have my own apartment address down as the shipping address. I've noticed that if I talk to the seller first, some are pretty okay with shipping to me once I've explained the situation.

    So, when sellers require it, I make my boyfriend pay for me so he can use his confirmed address/cards.