ship to unconfirmed address?

  1. i just sold a pair of boots on eBay and buyer has sent me money through paypal already. they show that they do have a confirmed address but the buyer sent me a note along with the payment telling me to ship to another address besides the confirmed address that is shown. she specified the address she wants it shipped to. it is in the same state but different city. what should i do?????:wtf:
  2. I would only do it if the boots didn't cost that much more than you are willing to lose. I ship to un-confirmed addys all the time without in problem, but on higher end items I won't.
  3. Don't do it, tell her you need a confirmed address. Legit buyers know that sellers want a confirmed address. This might be a scammer, who will reverse the charges and say she never got the item. You will be out the money because Paypal only protects you if you ship to a confirmed address.
  4. nope nope nope.
  5. ^^^ - I agree, no don't do it.
  6. I agree also! I normally don't send anything to an unconfirmed address- no protection from PayPal if I do. Occassionally I make an exception for a $10 shirt or something. On everything else- not worth it IMO.
  7. the boots i sold were sold for 115 dollars so i am kind of worried.
  8. oops i screwed up i meant to put 4theluvofit quote instead of mine sorry
  9. ^ I wouldn't send them to the unconfirmed address then. $115 is too much money to possibly lose. The buyer should have contacted you BEFORE bidding to make sure you were ok with sending it to another address. Buyer's fault and not your problem IMO.
  10. I'm inclined to think the address that appears on the payment receipt (shipto instructions sent to seller) is that of the buyer's address registered with eBay and not Paypal. Some years ago I had items shipped to my office address stated on ebay, which was different from the credit card address (home) I registered with Paypal. Did that because there was no one at home to sign for goods while I was at work, and found it inconvenient traveling to the post office.

    However it doesn't work with Paypal money transfers outside ebay. My Paypal address will show up on the instructions. Try it :p
  11. Regardless of where the unconfirmed address came from, she won't be covered by Paypal seller protection, therefore, she should not send the package to an unconfirmed address. eBay doesn't confirm addresses.
  12. I'd ask for more information from the buyer first. I often ask sellers to ship items to my office instead of my apartment, because my apartment building's manager refuses to sign for anything. At my office, I can always sign for packages and it's actually much safer. I've had 4 packages stolen from my apartment lobby in 5 years because delivery people just left them there. People just walk off with them. And I live in a very nice area! Usually it's people who see them and grab them.

    I'd also check the buyer's feedback to see if they've had any troublesome transactions previously.
  13. This is the time of year people don't want Christmas presents being dropped off at their house. I use common sense. Look at bidding history, feedback, etc. Send with insurance and signature confirmation.

    Yeah not protected by PP but I made a sale.

    Now if it is someone with low # of FB or low % FB, forget it.
  14. she has 2 feedbacks and it for selling not buying so my item is the first she has bought on ebay.
  15. depending on the feedback history, sometimes I will ship to unconfirmed address.