Ship to Hungary?

  1. any advice? I always use EMS ( USPS Global Express ) but EMS here can't ship to Hungary...
  2. wouldn't it be to risky to ship outside the EEC? will you be able to insure the bag?
  3. Many buyers refuse insurance due to custom charge reason.
  4. if she won't pay for insurance i wouldn't do it. too risky.
  5. Sorry but I'm asking for the shipping method :smile:
  6. She's just trying to make you aware of the risk you're taking. Anyway, you can try Fedex or DHL???
  7. where are you , U.S ? I have sent to Hungary a few times , no problem from the U.k and it is part of the EEC ! U.K method , international signed for .
  8. hungary is in the eu these days. if you can't use ems i'd use a courier company, unless your postal service offers another reliable tracked alternative.
  9. Under Global Express Guaranteed it says:
    Insurance covering up to $100 for loss, damage, rifling or document reconstruction is included at no additional charge. You can purchase additional insurance for covering loss, damage or rifling up to $2499.
  10. I've never shipped to Hungary before. I would make insurance mandatory if you are going to do it.