Ship Paddy from Uk to Aus? Delivery co? cost? tips?

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  1. Hi

    I have agreed to sell my Tan Paddy to a lovely PFer, thereby avoiding putting it on eBay (am a buyer, but virgin, scaredy-cat would-be Seller!). :wtf:

    She is in Australia and I wondered if anyone would be able to recommend a delivery company. Also, a rough (ball-park would be fine) idea of cost.

    We have agreed to keep the cost below the amount this lady would have to pay Aus tax, but any hints re how to label the package would be appreciated.

    Many thanks guys - you have been so helpful since I joined this site. I have learned LOADS!

  2. Cant u just take it to the post office and they will send it? I dont know what company that would make but thats what I would do! But then again I am easily confused by postal stuff i just get them to do it for me! :biggrin:
    Hay Winchester I am like 20 miles away from you!
  3. no idea on the cost because i dont know the weight and size of the bag, but i guess airsure is the safest bet, just take it into the PO and ask them for tracking info. (Very important imo)
  4. Oh - so are you guys saying that the Post Office use various delivery companies then? Thought I'd have to go round to the companies in person...?

    Chloe - where are you then? Small world :yes:
  5. I think Chloe meant that the post office is the default option as it is convenient but they only offer Royal Mail/Parcel Force. A paddy is a seriously heavy bag, so I guess you are going to be bumped into the over 2 kg Parcel Force tarrif. That can be quite costly and depends on size/shape/weight. For other options there are courier companies like DHL, Fedex etc but I have never found these to be competitive. Agree you need a tracked service and I think you need to get an exact quotation as the price might be a bit of a shock if it is limited to Parcel Force rather than be able to be sent via Royal Mail surface mail for example due to its weight.
  6. you DO realize that we BAN members for buying and selling here, don't you?

    EVERYONE is resposible for reading our rules before posting on this website and they are very clear that there is ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING, BUYING OR TRADING HERE.
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