Ship or take?

  1. Hey ladies. Quick question. Since I am not blessed to have an H in my state, and since I'm hoping to cross over to the orange side in '08 (i hear you have cookies . . .) I'm wondering if it's very common to have your purchases shipped. I've seen a lot of you waiting for your fed ex man, and I'm not sure that I could do that. There's something about the gratification of carrying around that giant orange bag. But is it worth saving the tax just to have it shipped? I just want to be prepared, since I'm sure in the heat of the moment all common sense will leave me and I'll become a blithering idiot. Which already happened last month when I almost shelled out over $4k for a bag that wasn't at the top of my list.
  2. If you are fortunate enough to NOT have an H in your state ABSOLUTELY have the item shipped to you if it's a high dollar value item. I do this all the time, and it will save you $$$ particularly on larger dollar value items. If I'm buying something small like a pochette, bracelet, or a scarf, I'll often just buy it and take it with me as the FedEx shipping charges can be quite hefty and that's when the cost exceeds the benefit.
  3. Agreed 100%^^^^^
  4. Welcome to the orange side!

    Definitely have your large value items shipped. These tax savings can add up to quite a lot of money (which you can spend on other small accessories).

    I agree with the other member, if they value of the item is small, then by all means, take them with you since your Fedex bill might be larger than the tax savings!

    It's great that you're doing prep work before your major purchase. Once you go orange, you can't turn back!:heart:
  5. If you can have it shipped and save the tax, DO IT!! I had my birkin shipped from the east coast but since I have two H stores in the area, they charged me tax :sad:
  6. i have shipped every one of my bags that haven't been purchased locally! it's such a hassle to have to lug the big orange box & bag thru the airport & security. and honestly, i feel weird when people at the airport stare at the orange bag cause it's so so bright.
  7. If I had the option I'd definitely have mine shipped- SF's 8.5% sales tax is BRUTAL. Whenever I manage to find my dream Birkin I'll definitely have it shipped to my dad in Idaho- just the idea of paying close to $1k in tax makes me ill.
  8. I've had items shipped and it's the way to go!!

    Receiving the orange box is just as exciting as carrying the orange box!!
  9. Yes, ship. I saved nearly $400 by having mine shipped.
  10. Have it shipped!! Even if they charge you about $50, (that's what they charged me a couple of years ago) it is cheaper than paying the sales tax! Unfortunately for me, I had to pay the shipping AND the sales tax:tdown:
  11. Ship.
  12. Damn....LV charges a flat $10, Chanel comps all the time, and H charges that much? Geez, I've had Saks offer me free overnight just beacuse they couldn't locate a bag quickly :rolleyes: