Ship or not to ship?

  1. I listed a bag that was intended for a local sale, but someone from Utah emailed me if I would ship it over to her. I like dealing with cash because they get to see it and pay for it on the spot. I heard too many horror stories with shipping and the other end claiming they never received it; or they didn't like it and wanted their money back, then paypal would side with them in some sort of dispute and just take the money out of the seller's account. But I do want to let this bag go.

    Should I accept USPS Money Order and/or Paypal? What is the difference between accepting paypal w/ credit cards and w/o credit cards?

    How should I ship it? It's big and I don't like rolling up the bags into small boxes. I only have a HUGE GAP box that it would fit in, but I doubt it's durable enough. Also, what shipping services should I use?

    Btw, this is not for an eBay sale, it's for Craigslist. But I thought all this is similar enough if it were an eBay sale. If I can't handle payment and shipping method on Craigslist, imagine how great of a seller I would be on eBay :rolleyes:

    ARgh, I'm so confused :confused1:
    Sorry for the long post, everyone. Mods, if it's not in the appropriate forum, please move it to the right one. Thanks, I appreciate all your help.
  2. I'd probably set up a listing for this in ebay, because with CS there is no protection. If you send it and never get the $ then there is no one to report this person to, and, if they send you a check, then it's very likely it's a bad one. MY b/f's sister put a posting up on CS to rent a room from them and someone sent them a 4k check (western union). They then requested that they send 2k back to them because they were no longer going to need to rent the room for the next 6 months, but, for the inconvience they could keep the 2k. The idiot that she is, she wrote these people a check, from her own bank account, before the western union check cleared, and of course, ended up being out 4 thousand dollars. I guess all I'm trying to say is be careful and ebay is the best way to go for this person. Just explain that it's not because you don't trust them, you'd love to trust everyone in the world, but, this is for both of your protection, in case something goes wrong. GL!
  3. I would get them to send a money order and then ship it.
  4. not to ship!
  5. I don't see a problem shipping it. Just make sure you get the payment first.
  6. thanks everyone for your advice. I've always wanted to do ebay, but there seems to be so many complications. And I've heard too much about ebay no doing what's necessary on thier part. I think if I get the payment first, I won't mind taking a chance and shipping it. It's a small price item anyway. Is it safer to get the money through a USPS money order, or paypal (w/ or w/o credit card?)?