Ship expensive jewelry to Germany

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I just sold Tiffany diamond ring for $4,800 to buyer from Germany. Is that possible to ship diamond to over there? If so what is the best way to ship it? Any experience please let me know. I would appreciate!
  2. I would suggest USPS Global Priority - I believe they will insure up to $5k.
  3. Good suggestion...your buyer knows that she is responsible for any duty...
  4. I don't remember exactly, but I think someone mentioned the insurance limit to Germany is low like under $1000. My memory might mix with something else. Also there is a sticky here about new rule to ship an expensive item internationally. Please check USPS site for sure.

    As hotshot mentioned, please make sure if your buyer knows about the import tax. Also please let your buyer know you won't lie on the custom form. Some international buyers think it's not a big deal for a seller to lie on the custom form to avoid the import tax. But it's illeagal. Also you can't have a proper insurance if you lie on the custom form.

    Good luck!
  5. I would like to say thank you to HeartingDiamond, hotshot, Love M&S for your inputs.

    To LoveM&S : what you said is exactly what I get the informations this morning. I went to USPS , the International Express mail ins only cover up to $2,500. The second one is Fedex, more worse for $1,000 only. I should go with DHL or UPS, they will cover a lot of more but I know the shipping cost is very high. I will find out this afternoon.

    Thank you again.