SHINY-wrapped box under the treee...

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  1. ok, this morning, i was looking under the tree,:search: and i saw this silver box. it had my name in it, from mom and dad. then i lifted it, and it felt about as heavy as a silver miroir pochette inside of a box. then i put my finger on the side of the box, and ran it along side. there was a crease, just like a louis vuitton box.
    also, i felt my hand on the front, and felt some letters. assuming louis vuitton. also the fact that the box is silver has gotta mean something, and the fact that its about 2 inches thick at most. hehe. im excited. :happydance:
  2. I hope it's what you it's..I bet you are dying to open it..:yahoo:
  3.'ll be a long wait until Christmas morning !!!!!! Can't wait to find out what it is!
  4. dying is putting it mildly. its ten feet in front of me. so close, yet so far!!!!
  5. LOL, fingers crossed for ya:graucho:
  6. haha thanks^^^^ did anyone get the miroir pochette? if so, what kind of box does it come in? anything like the one i described?
  7. lolz... :smile: it will be a very very long wait til christmas:smile:
  8. Torture before x-mas! LOL. I hope it's what your wishing for.
  9. meee tooooo!!! if its not, which there is a litttle doubt, ill still be happy with whatever i got.
  10. Nice! How great to have Louis Vuitton under the tree.....:girlsigh: .....and how awful to wait:hysteric: !!
  11. Good Luck, hope it is what you are wishing for !
  12. waaaaah...i cant waitttt
  13. P.S. im posting pics of my collection when i get whatevers under the tree!!
  14. I'm sure you'll be delighted with whatever your mom & dad have under that tree.:smile:
  15. ^^^most definitely. its a pretty good sized box, even if there is no pochette in it...