shiny,silky hair

  1. I really love Kim's hair but I can never get my hair to look as shiny and silky like hers....any advice please!!

  2. Kim's hair is all about the product. I know she gets a professional glosser/glaze so that what's we can attribute the shine too.

    What's your hair type like and what products do you use?

    I have shiny hair for the most part and that's because every 5 or 6 weeks I go to the salon to get a professional gloss treatment. The one I get is by Redken but there are quite a few Japanese ones too. I usually pay about $40. This is one of my fave salon treatments.
  3. Harlem, what is a gloss treatment? Can you please elaborate?
  4. gloss is like a clear hair color, deposits shine.

    I recommend using a serum from the ponytail down everytime you get out of the shower. People comment on my hair being shiny and it's blonde, blonde's are notorious for NOT reflecting light/shine.
  5. My hair type is similar to kim's its dark,wavy and thick. But not very shiny. Do you do a clear gloss or a color one? I have never had one before
  6. I use something called So Silk(off brand of BioSilk), just a little leaves my hair realy shiney and soft I use it once in the morning and I don't have to use again until I wash or style my hair again. Works Great!
  7. A gloss treatment is a salon application of a serum. It's usually silicone-based and it seals the cuticles of the hair so the results are shiny hair usually for about 2 or 3 weeks.

    You can get clear or you can get a glaze which is a gloss with a bit of color. I usually do a gloss after an intensive deep conditioner.

    here's a quick explanation:

    let me know if you have any other qs:yes:
  8. oscar blandi makes something called the luce.
    it shines your hair very nicely when you mix it with your shampoo to wash.
  9. Oh thank you so much! :tup::tup:
    I think I wil try this, I wonder why my hairdresser has never mentioned it! I too am obsessed with "gloss" and use a serum etc after the shower but it's never shiny enough!!!
  10. Thanks swanky. This is great advice. I already do the serum thing, though I only just found out you're supposed to use it when it's still WET. And I wondered why my hair wans't that shiny :roflmfao:
  11. the Frederic Fekkai shea butter deep conditioning mask makes my hair really silky and shiny, even though i flat iron it. i use it once a week.
  12. My one friend has dark brown hair down to her waist. She swears by a one a week hot oil treatment with a heat cap (bought at any beauty supply store). She also uses a clear gloss that she buys at the beauty store and leaves in for 10-15 minutes then rinses out. She is in her 40's and has better hair than most teenagers.
  13. FYI, Clairol natural instincts has a Clear Shine Treatment. I put it on just like conditioner and leave it for 10 minutes. Follow the directions and it leaves your hair glossy and shiny. I got it at Target in the hair coloring section. It is a clear gloss color. I use it every other month. It is inexpensive and it takes off a lot of money on my beauty salon bill..

  14. There are also store brands. John Frieda and Oscar Blandi make great ones too. Try those out first before a salon visit.
  15. I LOVE TIGI S Factor products, They are amazing, the shampoo, conditioner, serum, papaya spray... i just love it all and it makes my hair sooo nice and silky