Shiny or matte?

  1. Ok. We have discussed veins in great detail but which do you prefer, shine or matte finish? I noticed a big difference in the leather on the pale pink color thread and I am curious because I was thinking of buying a pale pink bag. I knew BNY had some bags in pale pink so I called them. I asked if theirs were shiny or matte and she said somewhat shiny but that would disappear. She said the matte one I saw was probably treated (it wasn't). She implied that matte was more desirable but I personally think I like the shine in the pale pink bags better but she didn't have a purse style, which is what I really want. So which is it? Do they get more matte or more shiny over time? Which do you prefer? Does it depend on the color of the bag?
  2. I LOVE my bags to be quite shiny! I really dont have any bags that are matte. But, I would think by treating a bag would make them less shiny, that's why I have never treated one. Plus, I think overtime they would get more matte, but that hasn't happened to any of my bags yet. I have an white bag, and it's still shiny. I also think how well you take care of your bag, is a factor.
  3. I like my bags matte but I think colours like magenta or turquoiselook better shiny
  4. I like them shiny now but it definitely depends more on the color.
  5. I love them shiny!
  6. Matte and smooshy is the way I like it!!
  7. Both depending on the color
  8. I like both, but I prefer mine shiny. I think it looks really special on the ink colour.
  9. Again, depends on the color... I prefer my black bags matte. My greige bags are shiny and I love them just as much! My others are a mix. Think it depends on the color and bag. They each have their own special personality! :yes:
  10. Is it true that the shine wears off? That is what the BNY people keep saying. (They are not that great of salespeople if you ask me). :smile:
  11. ^ I've been wondering the same thing myself. Perhaps a shine solution could be purchased, like from LMB?

    Anyways, I love love love them SHINY! Makes them look so fresh and new.
  12. Shiny, which is why I was attracted to b-bags in the first place.
  13. I lean toward shiny myself. I think if I had a black bag, I would want it to be more matte.
  14. I totally agree! My blueberry is esp. gorgeous in all its shiny-ness!! And then there are the bags that are shiny but I can see that they would look just as great or even better as they lost their my emerald or origan! But I don't mind the shine...LMB pretreatment takes the shine out, which I don't like...but those who prefer matte bags can use it... I think the shiny coating, esp. of the newer season bags is for protection, and the more u use your bag, the matter the bag becomes!
  15. I'm a matte girl, all the way. I like the bags to look more vintage and sort of bohemian luxe. But! My Lilac 06 is a bit shiny and I love her most of all...