Shiny or dull zippers?

  1. I was just noticing how the zipper on my duomo is rather dull. All of the brass hardware elsewhere on the bag is super shiny. Out of curiosity, I looked at all my bags. My white mc alma zipper is rather shiny, my PH looks a little shiny, and I've seen damier almas that have a super shiny zipper. Do you think it takes away from the bag when the zipper is dull? Or do you even notice it? I think I have too much time on my hands today!
  2. I can totally relate! I tidied up my bags the other day and found that some I hadn't used for awhile had dull hardware. On my Michael Kors bag the hardware had flaked and looked amazingly bad for just over a year old. :crybaby:

    I think we are probably the only ones that notice less than shiny hardware simply because we are bag obsessed! LOL It did however make me realize that it's best to use things when I get them rather than saving them for a special time. Kinda like using the best china concept.
  3. I think It depends on the type of zipper but a couple of my zippers are dull too and I have notice in all cases it is all the similar zipper. It doesn't really bother me?
  4. My multipli-cite's zipper is shiny and I only notice it because I stare at it all of the time!!!! :love:
  5. Some of my bags have dull zipper, I guess I just need brasso action..argh..too lazy:shame:
  6. I have the duomo as well and my LV lock does the same thing. I don't use the bag a lot and maybe that's why (you know like how silver tarnishes if you don't wear it for awhile) and it's annoying me.
  7. hmmm i don't really notice the zipper on my bag. i wouldn't want it to be super shiny though!
  8. My zipper and hardware are alright, but not as shiny as they used to be.

    I don't bother to polish them. The "seasoned" look goes with the patina on the vachetta.
  9. i think it depends on which zipper u have......i have a new bag that has dull zippers....hope it's not defected
  10. I dont even notice it.
  11. i noticed it recently on my mini pochette- and it bugged me. the zipper is dull and the hardware is shiny. my other bags have shiny hardware.
  12. I noticed that the hardware on my pochette zippers dull faster than the big zipper pull on my Lodge PM.
  13. So, can we shine these zippers with brasso? I've never used it before, will it harm the cloth part of the zipper? I've had my duomo only 2 weeks. But it was made in Feb. 06. The zipper doesn't look oxidized or anything. It looks brand new, just not as shiny as I think it should be. Maybe I should let it be.:shrugs:
  14. I think they become dull after use.