shiny on one side but not the other?

  1. I recently ordered a Tomato Day from BALNY and had it shipped to my mother (home address). She called today to tell me that the FRONT of the bag is dull/not shiny, but the BACK and BOTTOM are quite shiny. ??!! Now I'm freaked out because I think it's some sort of defect. I called BALNY and was frantic, asking them if something like that could happen (one side shiny, the other not) but they didn't help. :hysteric:

    So I turn to fellow TPFers. Have any of you a Bbag that was shiny on one side, but not on the other?

    Would really really appreciate any responses! I'm going nuts here being halfway across the country from my new Bbag.

    :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  2. I have seen this before :yes:

    I don't think it's a defect, I think it's just different pieces of leather with different looks/feels :shrugs:
  3. My Vert Fonce SGH Day was like that... I think because the back side tends to rub against clothing, therefore developing a shine/sheen to it more than the front. I don't believe it's a defect.. unless if it looks like they failed to spray the front with a thin coating like they did to the rest of the bag. Balenciagas do have variations to each and everyone of them.

    Have your mom mail it to you if its possible, everything should be ok. Keep us posted!! :okay:
  4. :yes: My VT City is like this. The back gets shiny-ier as I carry it(increase friction with all that clothes rubbing) but not the front.
  5. my vert d'eau was like this... the shine in the back was virtually non existent when i got it and the front was a bit shiney. after a couple wears it was still this way... now the front is the same as the back (maybe *slightly* shinier). so i think it'll be OK :yes:
  6. my sapin city was exactly the same... but after it got broken in both sides look good to me, just different

    i got the LE magenta too but is a bit worse, really nice shiny smooshy leather at the back, and matte and sort of dull looking in front... i hope it breaks in the same way as my sapin

    good luck with yours :smile:
  7. The "friction = more shiny" reason does make sense, but my bag is brand new (has never been worn) so why would the back be shiny and the front, not?

    Thank you for all your responses. I guess even if there is some kind of discrepancy in the leather shine, I'm still going to keep the bag because I really love the color/style :love: and it was too hard for me to find to just let it go. I read about a product by LMB called "shine restore" that hopefully maybe I can use on the front if there's too much of a difference. Thank you again for your help!!
  8. My black city is like that as well. It doesn't bother me at all. Uniformity is overrated - a little quirky individuality makes it more interesting. And who knows how it is going to evolve as the bag breaks in.
  9. I don't have shiny vs. non-shiny, but I do have a Purse style where the front is really distressed and crinkley, and the back is pretty smooth. I don't mind it at all, since both of them are nice leathers.
  10. I understand your concern, Jira, especially as you haven't even worn the bag yet! But I wouldn't get too down about it. You have a beautiful Bbag in a great colour, so for 'Balenciaga quality control cock-ups' read 'quirky individuality'!
  11. I have one more possibility.....maybe there was a mark or two on the front made by a fingernail when being handled, and they rubbed some kind of moisturizer for leather on it and it made it "less shiny" and they went ahead and did the whole front of it.

    The reason I mention this possibility is because one of my brand new bags had a slight fingernail mark on an upper corner and I used a very tiny bit of leather moisturizer on it and rubbed around about the size of a silver dollar and it made the shine go totally away! Hasn't come back either!!
    Just an idea.
  12. I've always noticed differences between leather of front/back in my bag...and generally i prefer the leather on the back of a bag...:shrugs:..just the way bal is i guess

  13. LMB's shine restore does work, if you decide you want the two sides to match. :yes: