shiny leather vs. non-so-shiny


I prefer my bags:

  1. Shiny! Deeper richer color!

  2. Matte! Smoother even color!

  3. other (please state)

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  1. to all the TPF member, which leather do you prefer and why? Which is better? I believe that the shiny leather can be really pretty and looks brand new, whereas the not as shiny looks edgy and used up, as if it's been own for a while. What do you guys think?
  2. I have to say, I much prefer the smooth matte look...
  3. I don't know which is better. I think mostly it is personal preference. I love the shine and I like my leather real smooshy! I don't like it too veiny or distressed. I don't mind if it ends up looking that way, but I'd rather it not start that way from the get go. JMHO!
  4. I love it when the shine diminishes. Not a fan of my Bbag being really shiny. HOWEVER I don't like the dull look that some conditioners give it.
  5. I don't like dull, but not too shiny either, somewhere in between. I don't like too veiny either.
  6. I kinda like both... its too hard making a decision on that one. BUT, the leather has to be plush and thick & def. NOT dry. :smile:
  7. i prefer my bags thick, smooshy and not so shiny
  8. I prefer my bag to be thick, distressed (not veiny), smooshy with a bit of shine.
  9. A bit if shine is good! I'm not a huge fan of veins, but a few interspersed are fine. Thick, so distressed it's almost smooth is what I like!
  10. I like smooth and shiny with a bit of texture on a black bag but on a lighter bag I would like more texture variation
  11. I like city bags and the other hand carried bags to have some least glistening, if not shiny, with faint veins.

    The Day bags are so big and slouchy, that they really don't need any more definition. Those I love with less glisten, just some light glow, and very smooth. But that's just me. :jammin:
  12. Depends. I love how all my oldies are matte and smooth, since the shine wore off a long time ago, but I also like it with some sheen as well.

    My Anthracite City for example, is extremely shiny but has the softest, fluffiest, smooshiest leather ever. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    I guess for newer bags, generally my ideal would be: smooshy, squishy, fluffy with some sheen to it.
  13. I don't mind either way..shiny vs's the texture of the leather that I care about the most...
  14. :yes: I agree... I'm quite a newbie here, but now I own 2 B.bags and I've understood that the leather depends on the year, on the colour, etc. Older ones are a bit matte, but it's the vintage look that makes them beautiful. New one must have some shine, which I like too...
    I would say I prefer something in between :smile:
  15. for me i think it very much depends on the colour.. :yes: IMO bright colours like paprika and rouge vif looks better shiny, whereas muted tones like bleu glacier is ok matte....

    but i personally prefer shiny and veiny! easier to set apart from the fakes! :tup: