shiny leather on new bags (Katy, etc)

  1. I've seen some of you post about the Katy and some of the other new bags with shiny leather. Do you love these as much as the more traditional leather (e.g. Elisha or Paige)? I feel the shiny leather is probably going to be durable and can take rain, etc. but it doesn't feel or smell as nice. Reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to choose between a Botkier Bianca in chocolate smooth leather or rust shiny leather. The rust visually packs more punch but you lose the smell and touch. What say you ladies who have shiny bags? Thanks.
  2. i have the linda in the "rust" color (i think it's called couio)...i love it and it smells great and looks great...i've owned the botkier bianca and i think the linda is a better bag...imho....
    : )
  3. I have a Dylan in eggplant and an Olivia in java. I really like the crinkly, shiny leather. Also have an olive Bianca and that leather is spectacular too. The shiny leather probably will stand up to rain, snow better.