Shiny Jumbo?? Anywhere?


Sep 27, 2008
Hi girls and guys, I've just received my first ever Chanel, and its a black caviar jumbo with silver hardware!! Yayy!! BUT...when it was shipped to me (I live in Canada), I was surprised to see that it wasnt shiny like the ones I had seen before! I ended up with a matte black caviar, which Im not too pumped about. I really like the look of the more structured, shiny-ish caviar and feel like the jumbo I have is dull. When I asked my SA at Saks about it, she said that its all they've been getting since last year! Has ANYONE seen or know if the saks in your area has a caviar jumbo in black? i believe it would be the older caviars, cause apparantly the newer ones are matte. I read in older posta that we had a choice if we wanted the matte or the glossier version, but my SA insists Saks doesnt carry the older version anymore! Help!