Shiny Hardware

  1. i just received my little stam today with shiny hardware. i noticed that there's scratches and some wear on the hardware. since it's shiny, i assume it shows wear alot easier than the antique hardware...but i don't feel really comfortable with it, unless this is just the way all of the bags are. i just don't know where i would be able to find a guaranteed brand new one though... what do you all think?
  2. If you got a department store, I'm sure they'll work with you and get you a brand new bag without scratches. But from what I heard, the brushed gold does seem to scratch easily.
  3. Do the new baby stams come with shiny hardware?-My 2005 black baby stam has antique brassy/bronzy type hardware definitely not very shiny......
  4. thanks for the responses! i got it from Neiman Marcus. i originally asked the salesperson to look for stores that had more than one, but unfortunately, all of the stores only have one... so i'm assuming those would have been on display.
    do you guys think i should keep it?

    i believe ALL the new stams have the shiny hardware.
  5. What color is your little Stam? If it's possible to find another one at another store (ie Nordstrom, Bloomies), I would exchange for another one since you paid full-price for it.

  6. This season's Stams (regular & baby sizes) come with shiny hardware.

    Antiqued hardware went with icey leather, I love that combination. =)
  7. I have a new Stam with the shiny hardware that I got two days ago...the hardware is already scratched. I think it's unavoidable. Even peeling off the plastic on the zipper pull made the hardware seem a bit distressed. I think it's just something to do with the look.
  8. i was thinking of picking up this bag this week! could you share any pictures?
  9. The hardware is going to scratch. It's just the nature of the beast. My putty stam has a scratch on the kisslock and I just think it adds character to the bag.
  10. :shrugs: You know what, I've only used her for a week, and I've already have marks on the kisslock...the part where it, er, lock lips:lol: That's no good isn't it?
  11. thanks for the feedback, everyone! i'm going to keep it... i really love it.
    excess, so sorry to hear that! can you polish it off? that's what i'm going to try to do with mine... just wipe it down with a soft cloth
  12. Pinkpirate,
    I haven't got the time to take her in for an inspection, but I've used jewelry cleaning cloth to sort of polish it.. is that the same as soft cloth? It's a bit better, makes the kisslock shinier, but the line is still there. I guess it's bound to happen, like a scratch on your fav. watch or cellphone!
  13. excess,
    that's exactly what i was thinking of... just using something like a jewellery cleaning cloth for it. i've done the same thing with my jimmy choo ramona...shiny hardware can be beautiful sometimes but it makes me reluctant to use the bag as much!