Shiny Goatskin

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm debating whether to purchase the trio in the shiny goatskin or the smooth lambskin, either one in black.

    Which one would you choose?

    Have you seen the shiny goatskin IRL? Does it look nice or plasticky? Does it have potential peeling issues?

    I would appreciate any input & photos of wearing the shiny goatskin are welcome!🙂 I only find a couple of photos on the forum and it's been hard to decide. Thank you!
  2. I'll post some pics when mine arrives next week!

  3. That'd be awesome! Did you order the trio as well?
  4. I ordered the large trio in shiny goatskin from the outlet in New York.

    I remembered that the very nice SA sent me some pics, so I've attached them.

    I was turned off by the shine at first, but it was the pics from this post that persuaded me:

    In the end, I couldn't pass up the textured leather. Although I would have loved the smooth, I know I would have died a little inside every time it got scratched. :sweatdrop:
    IMG_6429.jpeg IMG_3460.jpeg

  5. Oh my gosh, we must be twins!!!!!! I can't believe we are going through the the exact same things! I found the shiny goatskin at the exact same place and looked at those exact pictures on our forum and felt the exact same way about the shiny vs smooth debate! And I ordered the bag two days ago and also expecting it next week. Reading your posts is like deja vu. How funny!!! But the SA you had at the outlet boutique sent you such great pictures! Outdoor in normal lighting that make the bag show up beautifully. The ones I got were indoor in fluorescent light, have yellow cast, and makes the shiny skin looks totally plastic! I took such a leap of faith ordering it based on the two pics our fellow Celine forum member posted hoping that is the true look. Because it is final sale, I already planned to sell it if I don't like it in IRL... I also googled high and low for pics of shiny goatskin and still just found very poor ones from an eBay listing...they made me feel like the shiny coat would peel off one day.. Seeing the pics you posted is such a relief and totally made my day (and weekend so I don't have to keep worrying about it). I hope you receive it soon and can't wait to see pics of my purse twin!!! Thank you so much for sharing the information!