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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, please, welcome: Armatura in mint condition!
    I could hear my heart beating while unpacking, I was not breathing like forever when I took it out, once again it's proven Armatura2.jpg that quality of BV is everlasting! Bow to the BV artisans! (and to the previous owner for preserving Her for me)!

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  2. Gorgeous! I'm loving metallics right now so this post is a treat to my eyes! Thank you for sharing her.
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  3. I still cannot believe it's true! I keep on going to check and stroke her every 20-30 mins :biggrin: lol
  4. It's beautiful. I hope you really enjoy it.
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  5. Further proof that BV metallics hold up over time. Beautiful bag, this finish is one of my husband's favorites. Congrats on your purchase and wear in good health and happiness!
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  6. What a gorgeous color. I've always loved pewter. It looks so lovely on this bag. Enjoy it.
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  7. Oh it's so unique and pretty!
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  8. Beautiful find! I only have an SLG in a metallic and I love it.
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  9. Nice find. I adore BV Metallics. Enjoy!
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  10. How pretty!
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  11. Congratulations! It looks absolutely gorgeous. The bag really held up well. I only have one metallic and I can attest to stroking it ever so often.
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  12. That is awesome, congratulations!
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  13. Thank you all, my dearest BV-ettes :smile:
  14. Wow, what a great find!

    I have an armatura card case that I bought at the Waikiki BV--it's a really special color. Mine has held up well, mostly because I use it sparingly. However, my SA advised that the finish will burnish with use, like most metallics will. Armatura is nero-based, so that is what you'll see. I guess the idea is that it will begin to acquire a patina, like real metal does. You may know all of this already! I think this probably applies to the similar lasered metallics that BV has done over the years.

    Enjoy! Thanks for the photos!
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  15. Thank you. This is great information to know.