shining monkey

  1. I've read some of you use it right when it's new to prevent water stains, etc. but does it work after you have stains to clean it up. Anybody have any bad experience with it or should I get it asap. Thanks all.
  2. I was thinking the same thing, just cleaned my old speedy handles with Mr. clean magic eraser now what should I do?
  3. Did it leave the handles dry? Some ladies here have used apple leather care or some leather conditioner to condition the handles so it won't be dry. SM is only used to make it waterproof as a fabric protector.
  4. yes it's dry dry and lost the shiny look it has before, but it was dirty , the vachetta seems to be damaged a little bit though
  5. oh no, I hope you can fix it with that leather conditioner.
  6. i'm curious - can anyone tell me where to get this "Mr Clean Magic Eraser"? Is it avail only in the US?

    thanks! :smile:
  7. I just ordered my Shining Monkey...I got my Mono Speedy 30 last weekend and haven't carried it yet. It has been raining everyday :sad: Needless to say can anyone give me anyone pointers...I have searched the thread and for the Speedy 30 it is my understanding that I only need to do the leather portions and not the canvas. I really like the the brand new look of the light leather before the patina process starts to set in. Spraying the Shining Monkey will just prolong this process so I can have that new look longer...right? Thanks for your input....i am a newbie....any tips are appreciated!!!
  8. I would use Magic Eraser only as a last resort. It does take away the some of the top layer of your handles and from then on the dirt will really stick to your handles. It also dries them out a lot and they look cracked and not too good. If you have already used Magic Eraser, try using a really good leather conditioner on the handles, it should help. Then you can re-apply something like Apple Garde protectant.

    I think some people have been successful with Magic Eraser, but using it with a very, very light hand. Just be warned that it is very abrasive to your leather. It does take the dirt away, but it also removes a lot of the lustre and beauty of your leather too.
  9. After using ME, I always apply Apple Garde leather conditioner to prevent the leather from getting dry or cracked.
  10. is shining monkey good for that? for conditioning?
  11. ^ Shining Monkey is mainly for water protection.
  12. so what should I use to nourish the leather?
  13. Apple Garde Leather Care : It comes in 3 sizes, pick from the 4 oz, 8 oz, or 1 gallon :smile:
  14. After a good cleansing, I condition the leather with Apple Garde, and I follow up with a waterproof protection spray. My male friend uses Shining Monkey on the interior of his muscle cars to protect them from spots and stains so I think I will borrow his to spray my bags next time. I hear it works wonders.