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  1. I wanted to share some info about this product to you guys for two reasons.

    First reason being, that one of our former members was pushing this product on our board a while back without disclosing her affiliation with Shining Monkey - more precisely, her being the owner of the business that sells SM as a bag care product. A person sharing her biased positive testimonials without actually telling that she cashes in on every order someone places in her store, constitutes a sneaky business tactic that doesn't fly with us.

    Additionally, from communication on tPF, it became apparent that she did not disclose her affiliation on purpose, not wanting to deal with bitter customers, should her product have caused damage to a customer's bag. For this reason, her posting privileges were removed and the URL to the product was banned from tPF.

    The product Shining Monkey Fabric Protector was initially introduced as a car care product to be used on targa tops, fabrics, or leather interiors. About 6 months ago, this product was migrated over to the fashion market as a bag/shoe care product. I learned that the long term effects that the product may have upon applying it to your precious bag's leather are anything but certain, as Shining Monkey has just recently been introduced as a bag care product (the website advertising it as a bag care product was registered in February of this year). Whether there was enough time to test its effects on different leathers that are used for designer bags is questionable.

    I can not and will not vouche for any other bag care products, and maybe SM really works wonders on bags... however, judging by the poor business ethics by the owner and SM being new on the bag care market, I would like for you all to exercise caution. :idea:
  2. that is so sneaky!!!! not to mention, really irresponsible for someone to claim to be a bag lover! :sad: im so so glad i've decided to get appleguard instead. i hope whoever's started using shining monkey have not had any of their bags ruined. thanks for letting us know, vlad!
  3. Oh that's bad! Good looking out Vlad!
  4. Thanks for letting us know, Vlad!
  5. If the item seems to be doing a good job (which it has been doing) then I'm thankful she told us about it.
  6. You may use it you choose obviously, but we are not permitting anymore threads about it.
    We know that her friend's are posting about it here and those threads will be removed.
  7. i'm confused now!

    i wanted to order shining monkey, i really want to protect my bags. Did you remove her posts? i want to check the non owners opinions. and do you suggest other products?
  8. To feel safe just use the appleguard stuff..That has been around for along time and alot of ladies here use it and love it...Me included
  9. Yes, Applegarde spray is great and also Wilson Leather spray. I prefer Wilson's Leather spray only because it dries easier but I have used both with no problems or long term effects.
  10. Thanks for sharing this information. This is a great forum run by moderators who care!
  11. well, i live in europe so it might be hard to order those products. Its rains here so much! maybe i will ask a SA in the lv store
  12. Oh man, I bought SM a while back, but didn't spray for a long time because I was scared about using it on my $$$ bags. Then I finally got up the courage and sprayed my favorite bag just last week :sad: . So far, so good, but I hope it doesn't ruin my beautiful bag in the long run.

    I guess I'll be using the more established Apple brand for my other bags.

    Thanks for looking out for us Vlad and others!
  13. f. this sucks. i just bought it. thank god i havn't used it yet. I did buy the appleguard conditioner, but not the protectant....what do i do???
  14. Hmmm, I didn't know that the owner was a member here. That's a sneaky way of pushing their products. I know some members here have websites selling their wares but they didn't peddle it that way. That's such a shame.

    So far my bags are doing good but I would have to rethink ordering from them again in the future.
  15. I've always used Applegarde rain protectant with good results. I know others who have used Wilson's Leather Spray with good results also. Hope that helps.
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