Shining Monkey

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  1. I just got off the phone with these people and good news.
    There is a place in Toronto that are going to be selling this stuff.

    They told me to call them back in about a week they should have it(it was just ordered) I was told its going to be 26.95 CND

    if you'd like the number please pm me :smile:

    I'd also like to thank Carol for the info on this product. The guy on the phone actually laughed when i told him i was using it on a handbag. He said he's had many ladies ordering this.
  2. That's great!! You get a huge can of the stuff and it will last a very long time. I have sprayed most of my bags with it. It works very well on new vachetta leather, helping to keep it from waterspotting. I think it helps keep it a bit lighter longer, too.
  3. Great thanks again.

  4. thank you.
  5. anyone who hasn't tried it yet - should! it works a charm!
  6. I agree.. it has been quite handy during monsoon season here. :biggrin:
  7. I like patina on my vachetta, should I still use it on my brand new bag then?Also, what about the hardware on the bags, will that be ruined by Shining Monkey? Thanks
  8. Someone who has used it -- please clarify -- does it stop the leather from getting a patina? Should it be applied when the bag is brand new?

    Just ordered some today.
  9. I believe it slows the patina process, but does not eliminate it all together. It makes the leather waterproof so it's less susceptible to stains and marks. Hope that helps! I'm sure one of the other experts can chime in with more specific info.
  10. Okay, I used it on my Denim Baggy when it was BRAND NEW with white leather, and have followed up once again. After about 5 - 6 months is it definitely showing a medium patina, but it is a beautiful color and CLEAN! No water spotting.

    The spray is okay on the metal... it doesn't hurt it or stain it or anything. Once it dries I just wipe the metal down with a dry paper towel in case there is a clear spot or something. But it really is safe.
  11. How did you spray your bag? Since you're doing the entire thing not just the handles did you hang it ?

    I'm just wondering what the easiest way of doing this is..

    Also did you use this spray on your other bags? thanks

  12. It's hard to spray the vachetta and not hit the entire bag, so yeah, the whole bag got sprayed. It was good for the Denim, since the Shining Monkey is a fabric protector anyway. I also used it on the vachetta on my Monogram Garment carrier, and on my Fuchsia Bedford and Bronze Vandam. On the vernis it will show up as cloudy so as soon as you are done spraying the leather you just have to wipe the vernis off with a dry cloth. It won't hurt anything though.
  13. thanks..

  14. Ditto. I prefer this over Scotchguard cause 1) you can't use Scotchguard on leather (it says so on the can but I have personal experience of accidentally spraying a leather strap) and 2) it doesn't stain the metal at all! With Scotchguard, I get a residue of some sort andhave to wipe the hardware down. No worries with Shining Monkey!

    I sprayed all my Coach and kate spade bags with this too. I use it on nylon, suede, canvas and leather. I'm already on my second can and I'm trying to find it in the stores instead so I can just get a new can whenever I want to but no luck yet.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.