Shining Monkey - where to buy?

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  1. I saw the posts about the Shining Monkey spray. Which one is the proper one to use and where is the best place to purchase. Also - do you use it all over the monogram and handles? (Popincourt). Thanks!
  2. And you use it on the entire bag?
  3. I wont do eanything for the mono canvas bag.. but the denim line sure its fabric protector.

    I think for the mono lines its more the handles, and just wipe down the cavas when you're done.. or any brass on your bag.

  4. It won't hurt your entire bag. If you get too much on, you just wipe it off.
  5. great - thank you both very much
  6. You're welcome:biggrin:
  7. fyi - I just found it at as well. There shipping is much more reasonable than shining monkey's site!
  8. ^^ Good to know. I'm on my second can. I have too many bags!
  9. You have to clean the leather first and then put the protectant spray on, right? So what would you use to clean the leather with?? And what about the LV hardware? What could you use to polish it up?
  10. I have read that people use magic eraser. (for the leather)
  11. i had a question about shining monkey. i read on one thread that it slows down the patina process. so if i had a really nice honey patina on my bag and wanted to preserve it, would the shining monkey work well to do that? and how often would i need to spray it on?
  12. It slows down the patina process. You might want to respray it every few months depending on how much you use your bags.
  13. Would using a leather conditioner on the leather parts of your bags work or would it spot and stain the leather??
  14. And what about polishing the hardware? Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of maybe calling the store and talking to my SA about handbag maintenance.
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